New Comments System in Xatakamovil

We are premiere in Xatakamovil, We are sure that you will have seen it on other blogs of WeblogsSL, but now turn to us for the improvements in the system of comments. The changes respond to the needs raised by many readers, so I am sure they will be welcome.

We can summarize the news in four important changes, which affect both the visual appearance and usability of the comments, I hope they will be of your liking:

Editing comments

The first novelty is found in the ability to edit the comment made during the fifteen minutes following its publication. It will allow us to correct those errors that we found to read about what has been. A modified comment will be identified with a bottom line with the date and time of the modification:

Replying to a comment

The next novelty, and no less important is that We can now respond directly to a comment in particular, allowing up to three levels of nested comments. In this way it will be much easier to know who is replying to whom, and will be able to expedite the debate.

To do this you just have to press the button “Answer” located below the comment, and once posted the response, will appear just below the previous, regardless of the number of comments. Here is an example:

Three modes of management of comments

The system of nested comments that we have just described, will be that we see by default, but not the only one, since we can choose by means of tabs other two forms of visualization and management of the same:

  • Top rated, with bright, interesting, normal, loose and irrelevant, valuations based on the votes of the rest of readers.
  • Latest published Comments. We would say that it is the system we currently have in reverse order.

Add to profile a web page

From now on you can Add the URL of our website or blog to the user profile, This link will appear not only on our profile page, but it will also appear, link, along with the user name and the avatar in the comments that we put on the blog.

Not I forget to comment that in all views comment, We can see both the number of votes that each comment and karma.

We hope that these improvements are to your liking, and you begin to test the new system of comments already. We are open to hear your suggestions for improving the system.

They are not unique innovations that come from the technical department, since we also present a new index of products, If you are curious to know what in this article you can do in more detail.