New Base WiFi Vodafone

Vodafone It continues by devices that allow share the mobile internet connection with the added benefit of allowing you to place it in a greater coverage area without having to be with the laptop in the same place. This time renews the WiFi base complete the family along with the newly released mobile WiFi which is also available on prepaid for 99 euros.

The new WiFi base R101 sold associated modem USB K3765Z white though it is also compatible with the modem E160, E172, E220, E272, K3520, K3520-Z, K3565, Z K3565, K3715, K3760, K3765, K3765-Z and the K4505, K4505-Z and MC950D allowing faster HSPA +. This list will be updated in the following link.

Wi-Fi access from the new base is stronger than in the previous model and also allows you to share media files from your Micro SD card. It will be available as an accessory (loose) and also with the Internet rates with you by 78 euros without permanence or 0 euros with stay of 18 months.