Move the Screen with the Eyes on the Samsung Galaxy S (IV)

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S is expected to present next week and the latest rumors IV of sounds that you can navigate on the screen with the eyes.

There is not long for the Samsung unveils the upcoming Galaxy S IV-phone and many are eagerly awaiting to see what it looks like. And the reputation of the stock exchange is also running over with rumors of one of the world’s most popular smartphones.

The latest rumors going on that one can use their eyes to navigate around the screen with. It is the New York Times, which has intercepted the rumors. It writes our site.

The source of the New York Times would be a credible source, which according to the newspaper, working with Samsung.

Samsung also already owns a patent on something called Eye Scroll. The patent was registered in the month of January in Europe, which also provides additional teams in the rumors.

In both Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II has the Samsung as a “precursor” to the technology, where your eyes can control the phone not goes into pause mode as long as you’re looking at the screen.As well as a feature in Note II, which makes the screen resizes your eyes and not whether the phone is horizontal or vertical.

Danish Eye Tribe has also developed a technology that makes this possible.
Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to be presented at Samsung Unpacked in New York Thursday the 14.March. covers the event.