Motorola Moto X: Test The New Edition

Test conclusion: what you should know

The first impression is good. A few Android devices are such voluptuous like the Moto X. The inner values and performance tune. The contrast large display comes in a compact housing. The Moto X your wishes not only visually customize, it also boasts a smart Assistant functions that facilitate the everyday life. Best price on the Internet: 262,40 euro * per good display order this product at Amazon high speed good voice control pleasant haptics customization splash-proof 4K-Videoaufnahme fast LTE contra no memory card slot battery not easily changeable no fitness features mark of the editorial 2.74 satisfying user rating now evaluate almost every day in the editorial-new phones spin up. Now, it’s hard to find bad than good devices correctly. Even smartphones to 200 euro pamper with powerful full HD displays and octa-core processors. Even the design is mostly fine. Correct highlights in the tester are but rare. Now introducing the new Moto X with great touch as an iphone alternative from the Android camp in the conversation.

Video: first impression of the Moto X

The Motorola Moto X 5.2 inch has a great screen and a chic, partly individually selectable design. And how is the device in everyday life? Motorola Moto X: what offers the new smartphone?

First contact: I no longer give it!

Visually the Moto is X not so spectacular at first glance, but the design has it all. With 3.8 mm height, the Moto X would be the thinnest Smartphone in the world, but this value is valid only for the surrounding aluminium frame that a very significant impression. The Moto X 9.9 mm arches to the middle of the housing. The rounded back and the rubberized surface ensures an excellent grip. This also applies to the warm, soft leather, which charge on your hand snuggles for 20 euro. The 144 grams light Moto X is optimally in the hand and also the front convinced: the phone has a very small frame and the glass is rounded at the edges and without noticeable edge in the curvature of the body. The fingers loosely through the display and outside the as at the iphone 6. The Setup is simple: per app takes over the Moto X photos, videos, SIM contacts and call and SMS lists from your old phone, which transmits the data via Wi-Fi. Then you need only have a Nano-SIM.

Motorola Moto X in detail

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Motorola Moto X (2nd generation)

Why the new Moto X of not X 2 means that Motorola’s secret. So there can be confusion with the predecessor. Compared to the first generation grows the display from 4.7 to 5.2 inches. Thanks to full HD resolution, the relative sharpness of good 316 on very good 423 sets to ppi. See the Gorilla glass, an AMOLED display shines again. The brightness was something dark with 414 cd / m ². The colors shine without drifting off into the end of candy color. The saturated black level ensures crisp contrasts. White letters on a black background: no LCD that can so convincingly. Who would like even bigger, for which there is also a 6-inch version of the Moto X 2560 x 1440 pixel: the Google nexus 6

Moto X in the Readers Live Test That have experienced the Reader with the Moto X (2nd Generation)

Pure Android

Motorola cuddling is largely a modified Android interface and opts for Google apps. The promise: To updates without extensive adjustments faster when the land you on the device.


A Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801 with four cores and a clock speed of up to 2.5 gigahertz ensures a fast pace. An Adreno-330 graphics unit brings even the most demanding games smoothly on their toes. The memory is two gigabytes in size. In everyday life, the desire is rare after more speed. If it gets stuck, it is rather the network connection and not the hardware. Won in the Geekbench 3 the device, for example, more points than a Samsung Galaxy S5, in the antutu v5. 1 let HTC one M8, Galaxy S5 and the note 3 behind itself.


Network and connection list is complete: GSM, GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA +, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, WLAN a/g/b/n/ac and GPS. In the laboratory the Moto X demonstrated, that’s both a good Wi-Fi reception (ac, 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz) and has fast LTE (150 Mbps).

Mittelprächtige endurance

The 2,300 mah battery is firmly installed. In the test he gave at intensive use 8.25 hours, that’s still OK. In the moderate usage profile, the Moto remains X over 25.5 hours in action.

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Photo and video

The camera resolves 13 megapixels and is equipped with a ring Flash, which should enable a better illumination. You shouldn’t expect but miracles. The lab identified a good photo quality (Note: 2.29) but in the Visual Test significant blurring resulted in only the view note sufficiently. The camera’s menu is well-structured. You display the few options per swipe. This requires some adaptation. If you wiggle a picture, the Moto X proposes a better shot that was saved before or after triggering. The shutter lag is fast with 0.25 seconds, the storage process takes ordinary 1.14 seconds. Videos are stored in 4 k resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) maximum. The testers rated the video quality as low and complained of noise. No slow-motion shooting is possible at up to 30 frames per second. The front camera makes photos and videos in full HD.

Smart profiles and voice control

With Moto rules the Moto X adapts to the environment parameter. At night remains of, for example, still defined exceptions, and from the display. Are meetings in your calendar, it will automatically switch to silent, text messages are read in the car. Much can be controlled by voice command in Siri manner. You set the alarm, for example, or find a route without touching the device. The Moto X listens all the time with and waiting for the code word, what you can give freely to enter into action. Supposedly without overloading the battery especially. So that not every Kidder Hello pure can call Moto, learns the Moto X, just to hear your voice. In times of OK Google and Hey Siri an overdue feature.

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Conclusion: Motorola Moto X (2nd generation)

Prima is the first impression. Little Android devices are such voluptuous like the Moto X. The inner values and performance tune. The large display comes in a compact housing. Not only visually adapt the Moto X to your wishes, it also boasts a smart Assistant features and good voice control, which facilitate the everyday life. Good reception values makes the Moto X an attractive companion. At the endurance and the photo quality is still air above. You may still get over the missing fitness functions, the waiver of a memory card slot does a top class model already Trump.