Motorola Launches Moto 360 Smartwatch

Couple and Architect, the two new ads to Promote the Moto 360 With a Very Peculiar Style

Some days ago we showed 4 advertisements of Moto 360 Motorola had launched to promote his smartwatch facing the Christmas shopping period. On that occasion, as we could perceive how the marketing department of the company had endeavored to bring a different campaign, and no doubt they have succeeded. Now, Motorola introduces two new ads christened Couple and Architect series.

Motorola Launches Moto 360 Smartwatch

In the first one we can see a couple in an intimate moment and they appear different closeups of the Moto 360, highlighting its sleek design and elegance that follows. All this accentuating by a voice-off which highlights words like “connection”, “desire” and finally … “mother”. Mother? Yes, because the ad breaks his tone apparent seriousness and exclusivity with a message from the mother goes directly to the Moto 360.

The ads play perfectly with the contrast of a smartwatch with the look and elegance of a seemingly ordinary watch, but also showing their smart you run that sometimes can be as fun as receiving a message from your mother on your watch that you accept a friend request .

The second announcement follows the same path and shows a concentrated architect designing plans his next job until it receives an application on your Moto 360 Tinter, yes the popular social network for flirting. Again, we see the seriousness and “leisure” fit perfectly into the ad and are personalized in the figure of the Moto 360, a versatile smartwatch in all aspects.

“The Moto 360 is a subtle combination of beauty and luxury with a dose of reality mixed in it”

Motorola describes its two ads very well in the description accompanying them . For the former, the company says that ” the Moto 360 is a subtle combination of beauty and luxury with a dose of reality mixed in it,” while the second point that “the Moto 360 allows you to perform any activity ahead even but you’re drawing circles.”

As shown in BGR, we doubt that the Moto 360 could become one of the pregnancy smartwatch best sellers this Christmas , especially because with its $ 250 starting price is the one that offers better value-design. What do you think the Moto 360?