Motorola Debuts New Logo: “A Google Company”

Yesterday Engadget Mobile partners echo of some advertising campaigns were made of Motorola, calls “Goodbye Moto” and “Hello Again”, which according to the leaks would take place in August and would speak of a change but it seems that they have advanced.

Motorola debuts new look, with a logo that shows that they now belong to Google with text “a Google Company”. Seems that Motorola will now use two new logos, the first we see on the cover, with a ring of color and another with a logo much like the similar, with the difference that Motorola is written with a new source of text entirely in lowercase and the color of the logo is purple instead of red. The new logo purple from Motorola already appears as sponsor of the Chicago Techweek.

It seems that Google wants to clean up the image of Motorola with this new logo and the new Android devices that are expected to begin to be on sale from October. The first would be the Moto X although it could be officially announced slightly earlier.