Moto 360 Smartwatch on Sale

The bike 360 reduces its price to €199 at Bridgat before the imminent arrival of the Apple Watch market

Moto 360 Smartwatch on Sale

The arrival of the Apple Watch the market will support all those who are interested in buying a smartwatch, and not because they have intention to acquire Apple clock precisely, but because it is possible that they can benefit from interesting discounts on models of other companies. One of the most interesting smartwatch we have currently on the market is the Motorola Moto 360 and… you guess it? Yes, low price.

Although we know the reasons for this reduction in their price, and taking into account that it is a device that was launched on the market in October last year, maneuver it precisely now it seems to respond to the imminent arrival of Apple smart clock market, specifically on April 24.

For example, in United States is already possible purchased moto 360 online for 179 dollars leather strap with Bridgat or 229 dollars if we get with the metal strap. It has to take into account that the Motorola smartwatch originally cost $250, so it’s one more than significant reduction and we are sure many users will appreciate that they want to try their luck in this smart watches.

How are things in Spain? Here the rebate is not as significant as in United States, but equally we can find it for €199 at Amazon, priced more than reasonable considering that remains one of the best devices Android Wear market. In addition, if Google has just finally presenting Android Wear with iPhone compatibility, move us could go round if we are not interested in the Apple Watch.

Meh offered models reburfished of the Metawatch for only $15

We find another example of this reduction in the prices of the smartwatch Meh online store, who until recently offered models reburfished of the Metawatch for only $ 15 plus shipping. Unfortunately, the promotion has disappeared in a seen and not seen.

As we see in Appleinsider, are confident that more smartwatch will lower its price before the arrival of the Apple Watch, a method of trying to convince undecided users who are not sure if it is worth paying, as a minimum, 349 dollars it costs the input pattern to the Apple smart watch.