Most Common Computer Acronyms

I will try to shed light on some of the acronym most commonly used for buying the computer less enigmatic.

Most Common Computer Acronyms

Acronyms used in relation to the processing speed of a computer

GHz and MHz : from Gigahertz and Megahertz, is normally used to determine the speed of the processor.

That is, the more GHz , the faster the processor.

Each hertz is one cycle per second, which means that a processor at 3800 MHz has been conducting three thousand eight hundred million operations per second, or you imagine…

But it is more common than is indicated as 3.8 GHz instead of 3800 MHz.

Acronyms used in relation to the storage capacity and memory

MB / GB / TB:  is the acronym for Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte respectively, is used to indicate capacity memory / space useful in devices like memories USB (also known as Pen Drive, Memory Stick) and internal or external hard drives.

A megabyte is a million bytes (a letter, a number, a character).

One  Gigabyte equals 1000 Megabytes.

A terabyte is the same as 1000 Gigabytes.

RAM  stands for Random Access Memory, which means random access memory.

It is used both to store programs that are running as the data that are being used at any given time.

The amount of RAM is very important because it limits the number of applications and data that can be used simultaneously.

Acronyms used in relation to speed access to data on hard drives.

RPM  stands for Revolutions Per Minute, indicating the rotation speed of the hard drives. Few more RPMs , more revolutions will have a record, and the faster access to files.

S ATA:  it gives greater speed , better use when multiple units discs.

Acronyms used in relation to the possibilities of connection with other devices

USB : it comes from the acronym for Universal Serial Bus and is a type of connection that allows you to connect peripherals without turning off the computer.

Today, most peripherals are USB (printers, pen-drives, keyboards, mice, speakers, webcams, etc), so few more USB t ports ome a computer , more devices will be connected at the same time.

HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI (high definition multimedia interface). It allows you to connect your computer to a TV , to see something (movie, series etc.. previously downloaded) on the screen of the sit – TV on the couch.

RJ45:  Connector RJ45 (RJ means Registered Jack) is one of the main connectors used with Ethernet network cards , which transmits information via cables.

For this reason, it is sometimes called Ethernet port.

It is used to connect the ADSL router that provides us with the computer. And also to build computer networks.

VGA: This  stands for Video Graphics Array : A graphics standard that defines combinations of screen resolutions and numbers of colors.

It allows in principle to connect a monitor to a computer.

It is also used to connect computers to projectors, TVs, but only transmits image without sound.

Puff..mucho technicality for my taste, but it was necessary for you to know what they mean these initials in the ordenares.

I hope now when you go to buy a  computer, do not be fooled with so much verbiage.

Tell me your stories when trying to buy a computer.

Coméntame your doubts they mean the acronym in computers, down here in the comments…