Meta Watch M1 Luxury Smartwatch: Plus Size Watches

HP is Not Really The Manufacturer Chronowing, but Meta, a Subdivision of The Watchmaker Fossil

Even companies like HP have decided to jump into the market smartwatch, and this in particular has opted for a format of traditional watch that hides in its seemingly conventional interior interesting features such as notifications, weather or the results of our favorite teams. The Chronowing is the smartwatch designed by artist Michael Bastian and championed by HP to fight this Christmas with the other devices in the category.

However, it seems HP is not who is actually behind the development of Chronowing.

Meta Watch M1 Luxury SmartwatchPlus Size Watches

Several sources close to the smartwatch have confirmed that the manufacturer is really Meta, a subdivision of the watchmaker Fossil recently launched line M1 smartwatch, led by former designer luxury brand Vertu, Frank Nuovo.

The low resolution and format monochrome display that share both Chronowing as M1 are clear evidenciarles that both have the same DNA, but the clearest proof of this is in the back of the watch designed by Michael Bastian: both smartwatch FCC share the same ID and the same connector , consisting of a curved array of 4 pins.

Maybe the smartwatch HP does not become a big hit in sales, as the price and limited distribution of the device make it virtually impossible. However, Meta could have a much larger implications. The subdivision could take advantage of the huge customer base of Fossil watches because although most report their income, also manufacture private label products that sell brands like Michael Kors, Diesel, Burberry and Armani.

Meta could provide the platform for traditional watches enter the market smartwatch

Thus, Meta could do business by offering their own platform development, which have been working for several years, traditional watchmakers and luxury brands that have no relation to the market strategy of the plus size smartwatch.

As we see in The Verge, you can be that traditional watchmakers need not be the smartwatch to ensure their survival, but they could see reduced much of their income due to the potential danger of cannibalization practicing smart watches over their more traditional counterparts. What do you think? Are traditional firms should consider also offer smartwatch?