Medion P9514 P8912: Aldi-Tablet in the Test

A swear with 7-to 8-inch displays on tablets. These models are lightweight, have bigger screens than smartphones and are still handy. The others rely fully on 10-inch variants: these tablets increasingly replace the notebook, are just fine for the photo or movie playback, but large and somewhat heavy. The best of both groups is to connect the Medion P9514 P8912 a 8.9 inch tablet with Android 4.4.4.

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The Medion P9514 P8912 offers a 8.9-inch display, a fast processor and lots of performance. How good is the 180-euro tablet, clarifies the test. Medion P9514 P8912: New Aldi tablet in the test

Something big and thick

The Medion filigree and easy is not definitely: the Tablet is almost as big as two side by side, CD sleeves, slightly thick with 9 millimeters and stately 491 grams on the scale. Even the larger ipad air 2 is easier with 444 grams. Nevertheless the P9514 lies comfortably in the hand and his rear aluminum cover lends an elegant appearance. The tablet

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Sharp, but dark display

Less beautiful: the 8.9-inch (22.6 cm diagonal) display is left and right in a 2.3 centimeters wide frame. It shows movies in full HD with 1920 x 1200 pixels sharp and brilliant colours, but too dark: the maximum brightness is located at 354 candela per square meter. So something is visible even with lots of Sun, a value of well over 400 candela per square meter would be desirable.

High pace of work

Is, however, the pace: as drive a quad-core processor from Intel is used, less than 2 gigabyte memory to the page are. Many parallel open apps are therefore no problem for the P9514: the tempo even then not buckles, if debilitating apps like Photoshop touch are open, the camera app running in parallel and the P9514 thanks to GPS-sensor is used just as a navigation device.

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Processor sucking on the battery

That the powerful Intel processor Atom Z3735F is not the most economical unit , already the test of Talukder tab 8 showed the same applies to the P9514: In the test, the battery was completely empty after 10 hours and 16 minutes. That is definitely not enough, even twelve hours are now no outstanding value more.

Considerable facilities

At least the Aldi Tablet offers a decent facilities: so you can expand the memory via microsd card 64 gigabytes and low power Bluetooth 4.0 for fitness wristbands is series. On top of that, there is a stand for comfortable movie watching. Like some other Medion tablets, also the P9514 for use as a remote control has an infrared transmitter. Hook: The P8912 is just TV or Blu-ray player from Medion devices from other manufacturers always or not.

Android Lollipop: these devices are

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Conclusion: Medion P9514 P8912 (MD 99066)

Tablets of the 9-inch class like the P9514 P8912 are ideal for on the road and on the domestic sofa. The Aldi model has a slightly dark display and a comparatively short battery life; for, at a price of 179 euros, it offers a class facilities and a high pace of work.

Pro High Image Sharpness and Color Fidelity High Pace of Work Memory expandable HDMI and Bluetooth 4.0 Infrared Counter built Relatively high Weight a short battery Life Something dark Image Rendering Moderate Cameras Test Note of Editor 2.22 good