Medion Akoya P2214T: Test of the Versatile Aldi Notebook

Test conclusion: what you should know

The gently revised Medion Akoya P2214T is a very fair offer: for 349 euro, the Aldi customers receive a decent notebook-Tablet combination, the a sharp full HD display, a fleet SSD, a large hard drive and fast Wi-Fi-ac offers this product at Amazon order turning pro full HD touchscreen display and detachable long battery life SSD / HDD combo Wi-Fi ac aboard cons high Tablet weight for complex video editing something slowly test note of Editor 2.58 satisfying user rating now write a simple notebooks are out , more and more manufacturers are relying on devices with removable or sliding displays and touch screen: the customer must go a tablet to the hand. 26 February 2015, Aldi South provides the beginning of September 2014 offered Tablet / notebook Medion Akoya P2214T combination for now 349 euros instead of €399 in the shelf. This is a revised version of the Medion Akoya P2212T Tablet-notebook crossing sold in March.

Video: Medion Akoya P2214T

Quick-change artist or impostor? Aldi is offering a combination of laptop and tablet. See here, what has the device for 349 euros on the box. Akoya P2214T: New Aldi convertible in the test

Recognizable from outside no differences

At first sight same which both Windows 8.1 devices as a hair but MEDION has other several improvements come up you withdraw the device from its predecessor and in the test were positive. So has Medion offers the new convertible not only a new processor, but reduced the weight while keeping the battery performance. A good offer so?

Medion Akoya P2214T: product and detail photos

Slim with new processor

The Test revealed following Changes:

Try s bare necessities

The P2214T works slightly faster than its predecessor in practice this is fact but hard to feel. The performance is sufficient for Internet and Office, still debilitating video editing demand patience. After all, the device at the bottom even under full load was very cool. And the battery lasted seven hours, but that made the March model also have.

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Knackscharfes display

The resolution of the display is unchanged: it brings photos and movies in full HD sharp and high contrast on the screen is amazing for a 399-euro device. Still a little distorted; display colors with the naked eye, that is when playing movies but difficult to see. Only the special camera revealed the differences: the Medion shows as a Red Sea of flames in an action-thriller easily green yellowish.

As somewhat heavy Tablet

Who want to watch movies on the plugged display on the way, gets quickly heavy arms: 710 grams, the Tablet weighs far more than comparable Android models. After all, responds the touchscreen afloat. The icons on the desktop are rather small: who wants to meet her needs skillful finger or the pen: this operation is much more practical.

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Disk / SSD-Combi

Like its predecessor a SSD with Windows in the display is 8 and several programs, about to photo and video editing. The hard drive in the keyboard serves as storage for photos, videos and music. Hook: Who stores movies on it in tablet mode not accessible to.