Medion Akoya E6412T: Aldi Notebook for 349 Euro in the Test

Windows units of 15-inch class in the price range from 400 to 600 euros are the bread and butter business of the notebook manufacturer. The lower edge of which meets the new Aldi model, which was already in early December on the shelf: the discounter estimated for the Medion Akoya E6412T equipped with a 15.6 inch touchscreen but now only 349 euro, instead of 399 euro. What is the pace of work? How long will the battery last? And the equipment is complete? Our site has the device been tested.

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On 26 February 2015 Aldi Nord has touted a 15.6-inch notebook with touchscreen for 349 euro. Can the Medion Akoya E6412T in the test convince? Medion Akoya E6412T: New Aldi notebook in the test

Touch screen series

The Medion display shows on its 15.6-inch diagonal (39.6 cm) websites, vacation photos and movies with 1366 x 768 pixels. The picture quality is something apart from the pale color quite well, the display in 7.3 milliseconds does the picture change. There is no streaks in fast action scenes from movies. Good: A touch screen for easy operation of the tile surface of Windows 8 is on board.

Medion Akoya E6412T: product and detail photos

No high-flyer

Than drive a processor type Pentium 3558U of Intel’s HASWELL series is used in the Medion Akoya E6412T 2.42 kilograms. Its two cores bars 1.7 gigahertz, the graphics unit for image reproduction on display HD graphics also sits in the processor. No secret: the entry-level models include graphics chip and processor. Of the users but feels nothing for Internet and Office applications. However, patience is needed for strenuous tasks, such as a processing of photos with many effects.

Only for simple games

Patience helps little in the reading, however,: because the graphics chip is too weak for elaborate title of the caliber of call of duty. Play zuckelten characters in the test with up to eight frames per second across the screen, for smooth playback 35 would be better but, 40 frames per second needed. The Medion is good only for simple games like Angry Birds.

Windows 8 comfortably with the touchpad control

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Hard drive instead of SSD

The low sale price has an additional hook: because for 349 euro, customers can expect today no fast SSD for storage. As a classic hard disk with 466 gigabyte effectively usable memory is used in the Aldi notebook. And it slows down the pace considerably.

Many connections, fast Wi-Fi

The Medion external hard drive offers two fast USB 3.0 Sockets for additional keyboards and mice are two USB 2.0 ports available. Class: F├╝rs fast Internet surfing the Aldi laptop has already Wi-Fi ac. Which brings something but only if you already have an ac router. Also has the Medion Bluetooth on board for wireless speakers.

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Long battery life

The Medion in the test very sparingly with the energy went to: test the battery when working was 4 hours and 8 minutes, video playback, it was 3 hours and 50 minutes. These are decent values. And for a complete battery charge, the Medion had to only 2 hours and 14 minutes at the outlet.

Conclusion: Medion Akoya E6412T (MD 99450)

Artsy look different: for 349 euro, the Medion Akoya E6412T customers will receive while not high rollers, but a nearly fully equipped laptop that offered a decent image quality and a relatively long battery life in the test. For those who are looking for a cheap entry level notebook, this model is therefore a fair offer.

Pro Decent Image Quality Even under full Load very low Comparatively long battery Life Low Heat Generation at the Bottom touch Screen, wi-FI-ac, Bluetooth 4.0 Contra Something slow Working Pace Not for Games suitable Classic hard Disk instead of SSD Test Grade of the Editorial 2.66 satisfying