LTE Allnet Flat With Galaxy Touch Edge At Low Price

Offer cheap mobile applies to persons between 18 and 25 years or for students including 30. They get a flat rate for all national calls and SMS as well as monthly lush 3 gigabyte surf volume in the LTE network for 44,99 Euro per month from Vodafone. The tariff Vodafone smart XL young people action is expected also for intensive users who frequently stream videos and music on your Smartphone, more than be sufficient. There’s also a subscription activation until March 31, 2015 either by image + or the music-streaming service Deezer free to.

Galaxy touch edge to the hammer price

Speaking of Smartphone: who chooses the tariff, gets the new Samsung Galaxy touch edge in black or white for just 39 euros to. The current price is around 700 euros, the retail price is even 899 euros. The Phablet with curved display impressed in the test by Our site due to the very good screen with innovative add-on bar, the high pace of work, a good camera and the usefulness as a digital Notepad.

For sale: LTE allnet flat from Vodafone with Samsung Galaxy touch edge

the contract period for the tariff is 24 months, the connection fee of 29.99 euros will be refunded Vodafone at the latest with the third Bill. After the end of the minimum contract period, the fee rises to 49,99 Euros per month. You should cancel so in time, if this is too much for you.


Vodafone offers a bundle of Samsung Galaxy touch edge and the collective red 3 GB a similar offer, which is however less than 411 euros more over a period of two years. Only advantage, if you buy the package directly from the provider: the international package is free in the first six months. So you use the tariff at no extra charge in the EU countries, Switzerland and Turkey. After half a year, however the option (monthly callable) costs 5 euros per month. In addition there is the Netflix streaming service for half a year free.

Offer is only valid while supplies last.