LG Smartwatch CES 2015

A new smartwatch from LG can be seen in the Audi press conference at CES 2015

UPDATE: LG has just confirmed that the smartwatch in question was designed specifically for Audi and runs a customized version of Android Wear. It seems we have to wait for new models.

LG is working on new smartwatch is no mystery, but one of them was to be unveiled at the Audi press conference at CES 2015 this is something none of us expected.What I had the manager of Audi Ulrich Hackenberg wrist while doing a demonstration of the new technology autonomous parking? A smartwatch LG certainly, but at what new model we?

Unfortunately, we do not have too much information right now, because in the conference Audi has not been mentioned at any time the device was used to demonstrate the new features of autonomous parking of the new vehicle line signature. As can be seen in different images, the design seems to make it quite clear that this is a LG smartwatch.

Its circular screen surrounded by the double-height frame looks very similar to the current LG G Watch R, so we can not rule in question the LG G Watch R2. However, we have some new items on the device, as these new three buttons on the right side that could serve to facilitate interaction with the clock.

Another of the great unknowns surrounding this mysterious new smartwatch is what operating system is running specifically. The two watches that the company has launched so far have Android Wear, so it would not be unreasonable to think that future versions follow the same steps. However, it is also known that LG is working on a new smartwatch based on the webOS operating system , which is also found in smart TVs from the company.

The mysterious smartwatch could be the LG G Watch R2 and could be based on the WebOS operating system

Unfortunately, during the conference only we could see the application interface that Audi used to control various vehicle functions, so really we could be facing Android Wear or another operating system own brand. As we read in The Verge, right now you are trying to learn more about this mysterious device, so we will update the article as new data we know about the manager wearable Audi on his wrist.

What do you think this mysterious smartwatch? Do you think we face the LG G Watch R2?