LG G Pro Lite Dual: XXL Smartphone in the Practice Test

As the name suggests, is the LG G Pro Lite dual to a Phablet with two SIM card slots. In addition to dual-SIM, the XXL Smartphone offers a huge battery, as well as a stylus pen, which also accommodates the manufacturer in the appliance. Apart from this, the equipment fails rather unspectacular. The predecessor of LG was able to convince G Pro in the COMPUTER screen test. The practice test reveals whether is worth the purchase of the Lite version.


The display of the LG G Pro Lite dual is cleanly installed in the housing. In addition, the chrome edges visually revalue the unit. Appearances are deceptive, however, because the entire housing consists completely of plastic. The biggest flaw is the battery cover on the back: to operate the Phablet, are fast to see fingerprints on the smooth surface. Practical: Beside the volume control, the LG G Pro has an additional button on the left side who can be linked to various applications, about camera or notebook app. In addition, the stylus pen into the housing is integrated.

LG G Pro Lite dual in the practice test


The IPS display of the LG G Pro Lite dual measures 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) and resolves with 960 x 530 pixels. Due to the low pixel density of 240 dpi, individual image points to recognize text and image elements are out of focus are presented. Want to read something on the display, need to zoom usually close to the text, so that you know enough. Despite all this, colors look natural and also the contrast is right. Even during the day, the bright screen is easy to read. Unfortunately, a brightness sensor is missing so you must create always hand to optimize readability. How many other smartphones also reflects the display when exposed to direct light strongly.


A 1-gigahertz mediatek processor (MT6577) with two computing cores and 1 gigabyte memory are in the LG G Pro Lite dual used. If you do not attempt to use compute-intensive applications on the device, the system runs smoothly. This is true but only at light app options, some Messenger services or E-Mail programs. Here, even multiple apps can be used simultaneously. However, delays occur every now and then, when you start applications. While surfing the Phablet shows a good pace and opens a Web page quite quickly provided you have a good Internet connection.


The LG G Pro Lite dual use either with the fingers or the integrated stylus pen. Which is especially useful if you want to quickly record a handwritten note. The manufacturer does not provides additional functions for the PIN. In addition to the typical Android buttons, the LG dual G Pro Lite has a dual-SIM button. Hereby, you decide which card you to surf and which you need primarily to make calls. The outdated Android operating system 4.1 jelly bean with the in-house Optimus UI 2.0 provides many functions to create a backup (quickmemo) to take notes or to (quick remotely) control the TV. Shortcuts can be presented easily via qslide function in the notification Center or with widgets on the lock screen.


You take pictures and videos with the 8-megapixel camera with LED flash. The Phablet with natural colours and good contrast could shine on the test photos. That is true only if the lighting conditions are correct. Alternatively, the LED Flash provides enough brightness. However excessive image noise is noticeable as soon as you look at an image enlarged. The LG takes videos G Pro Lite on dual HD resolution. Meets the 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera for video calls and Selfies.


Internal memory offers 8 gigabytes of which effectively around 4 GB for apps and media remain. It is sufficient to install the necessary applications. If necessary, expand the memory via microsd slot to more 32 gigabyte.


Nothing to its predecessor has changed in terms of battery capacity. The Li-ion battery measures 3,140 Mah and is large enough size, to the Phablet an all day long to power. Also practical: The battery under the plastic back is interchangeable.


On board Wi-Fi n, GPS, and a micro-USB connector are. On the way the LG connects Internet via HSPA dual G Pro Lite. So you surf with a maximum data rate of 7.2 megabits per second. This is, after all, fast enough to stream videos or convenient to surf the Internet. LTE radio unfortunately provides the device does not

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The LG Pro Lite dual appears quite pricey at first glance, however, can shine the Phablet only with a few features. A great plus it receives for the additional SIM card slot and for the expandable memory. So, enough space is available to use essential applications on the Phablet. But also the large and replaceable battery in favour of the Phablet. There is also another plus for the camera. That offered true-color, high-contrast images when you zoom in the photos but image noise was evident. The display could not convince: is it brightly illuminated enough and well represents colors as well as the contrast, although the low pixel density on 5.5 inch display area is immediately noticeable. Who invested 20 euros more, receives the Nokia Lumia 1320, which also has a long battery life, thanks to quad-core Snapdragon processor (2.2 ghz) boasts in addition but with a sharper display (1280 x 720 pixels), fast LTE radio and more pace. The main focus on the control with pin, for around 100 euros more fleet Samsung Galaxy touch 3 neo. Here are pen, which provides numerous functions for mobile working the S. This device can shine with a good HD display, high pace of work and record battery life.