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Even when in times of Streamingdiensten such as Spotify, WIMP & co. Music downloading is rather secondary, there are situations where an MP3 file on your own hard disk must be, whether for your music collection and video or audio projects. Music is a universal language that everyone understands. Unfortunately, lawyers understand no fun when it comes to copyright violations as they happen with illegal downloads. Therefore, you should take when downloading music from the Internet to select royalty-free music, so music, for which no contractual binding with the Society for musical performance and mechanical Reproduction rights (GEMA) is. Various sites that offer royalty free music can be found on the net. The sound archive, Jamendo or royalty free worlds some of the providers that you are legally on the safe side are available.

When editing a youtube video has to go back quickly, the download of appropriate MP3 files also from your Smartphone or Tablet works. Called MP3 Downloader apps promise access to tens of millions of songs. These are but by no means all license or royalty free. The following selection of apps shows those who for example 4shared music or Music Download Paradise move in a grey area, but offer also applications such as Jamendo or Palco, the legally safe music, as well as legal alternatives such as streaming and purchase apps.

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MP3 files, cut, optimize, manage: for these tasks you have to shell out a dime! Many users save their favorite songs on the hard drive. First the file inventory may be still open, a forest to audio files that can be found little else in the results but over the course of time. Depending on the data format are also playback issues on the agenda. Volume adjustment, music editing or conversion for all the problems there are free top tools.

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No problem is to save audio tracks and video clips from youtube and to bring in your desired format, with the right free software. Here you will find a selection of useful tools for the popular video platform.

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