Leaks and More Leaks, The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

Completely improper rentals and hot dates in which we find ourselves, the landscape of the mobile phone is really moved and active.

Six new leaks, new terminals announced, news about mobile operating systems that are falling, important updates, new technologies applied to the mobile phone and the always media Apple trying to get away from the controversy over his “AntennaGate”; collect the best of the week in Engadget Mobile.

Finally We have tangible material on the future operating system, Windows Phone 7 and its terminals, this week we saw as the first image of an Asus terminal with this system, filtered and so we Intuit, it will be the first Terminal in brand new it. With respect to the operating system itself, is confirmed from the own Microsoft coming to Europe in the month of October, even before that in United States, where will come in November.

Android wide his large family of terminals

Secure Android community that is far more happy (and populated) this week, and that they have leaked neither more nor less than five new terminals manufacturer HTC, which are a new HTC Desire HD called HTC Ace screen of 4.3 inch and improved camera already appearing in any other list of Vodafone Germany, HTC (of unknown name) screen of 4 inches, sliding keyboard and a possible 1.2 GHz processor power, the formerly referenced Paradise HTC and HTC Fiesta of which we already knew data makes some time, and the possible next “cucumber” HTC, the HTC Glacier, a terminal that would make use of technology of dual-core for your processor and an enviable graphic power.

One of the most important announcements was that of the new BlackBerry Torch 9800, a new step forward in the terminals from the company RIM, which tries to enter in touch market iPhone and Android, and which, moreover, is pleased to release its New BlackBerry OS 6.0 operating system.

LG also had a new arsenal booked for the month of August, and this week has been when has introduced its new line of terminals youth Wink, a few terminals coming to compete fiercely with the popular line of terminals Samsung Corby.

The chapter of the week of the omnipresent Google News is marked by innovations such as that your Nexus One, not only leaves no discontinued (as some readers thought) and sold, but that, in addition to its sale by agents, becomes the new Android Developers Phone 3 and, in addition, HTC starts to sell all their accessories to the Spanish public.

We also know, thanks to Eric Schmidt, CEO of the company, that the pace of sales of terminals Android already is 200,000 units a day, strengthening the theory that grow on trees and are collected, which fruit, in cochambrosas plastic boxes. Another interesting “by Google” news of the week is the possibility of visiting the history searches from the portal from Android or iPhone, giving equal if we have carried out the search in our desktop or mobile.

Updates to Facebook Android and starting engines for the majority of terminals Android Froyo

Focusing on the world of applications and operating systems updates week, we can see how develops new and imminent Meego platform, also know the intentions of Orange, through its brand new Twitter, update its terminals Orange Boston and HTC Hero version 2.1 in September, as well as their version of the HTC Desire. Vodafone also you have upgraded your brand new HTC Desire a new version of the system, but not that everyone expected.

Motorola Milestone also might be benefited soon by the update to Android 2.2 Froyo, although there are some doubts about the final content This update. The Facebook application for Android has also been updated and now enjoys an aesthetic closest to the iPhone app.

Apple tries to forget the AntennaGate issue, but not the whole

The side of week’s thorny news Microsoft brings and the lack of support for HTML5 in its first Windows Phone 7, Apple terminals is also the protagonist in this section, although of somewhat more positively, since you have removed from your website the batch of videos from the controversial “AntennaGate” issue, although not withdraw them from Youtube. Without out of Apple, we also know that iPhone 3 G users can that they are now a little more abandoned by the company with a view to future media.

As extra news of the week, we learned of the imminent arrival of the Nokia N8 and the Samsung Galaxy S white in Spain, we know a new 3 G WiFi router of the Huawei company, and the intentions of Sharp launch the mobile market with screens that make use of the system without using 3D glasses, as it will make the future Nintendo 3DS.

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One week, the less intense.