Kaspersky Antivirus for Mobile Phones

Kaspersky 2015 uses the business trade fair CeBIT in Hanover not only for the presentation of products for the business customer sector, but especially pointing out the threat for mobile devices by private users. According to the company, are home users at home as a rule very well protected, but more than sufficient for their mobile devices on your PC and would often misjudge the risk situation.

The security provider Kaspersky uses the currently held CeBIT to indicate home users to better protect their mobile devices of all kinds. Protection against threats from the Internet when German consumers would work already well on the home computer, says Holger Suhl, General Manager DACH at internet dictionary in an interview during the CeBIT. There was one very long, take care of child protection, safe from his banking and his steps on the Internet. If it were now to mobile devices, so Suhl, of home users would neglect the protection at once. There are already solutions for the protection of mobile devices. Now, his company must do especially educational work and awareness from the tremendously many dangers on the net. For this, Kaspersky has provided also free additional features such as the “browser safe” or safe QR-code reader. Therefore and with the use of other solutions the protection is guaranteed. The user must recognize only the dangers.

Another field in which security will today greatly underestimated, the issue was smart home. This considers the future danger Kaspersky and work according to Suhl under high pressure of solutions. Smart home is the entire home network. Securing doors and Windows will ensure but using mobile devices. But what if they are not protected and so the home quickly in danger. Then you could leave home open right door and still clearly visible before creating the key, Holger explains Suhl the seemingly serious threat. Therefore one must make smart urgently safe home. Learn more on internet dictionary.

But also more fields are protected adequately at home. These include smart TVs, webcams, and networked devices. All of these things ultimately, betrayed much about its own identity with inadequate protection. Currently, Kaspersky is working closely with law enforcement agencies and analyze the data theft exactly, to stop also Ausspähungen in the future. So, you could protect most home users from dangers if they would acknowledge the threat. Also not to underestimate what, 90 per cent of mobile viruses are still Android viruses. At the same time, but increasingly you suffer “digital amnesia” and save all data on your mobile devices. So what if they are hacked or stolen? Maybe it’s better to start directly with the mobile guard under these conditions.