Is There a Better Time of Year to Buy Smartphones?

With new devices coming out every day in the mobile phone market, it can be difficult to decide when the best time to buy a smartphone will be. Are the device you are interested in for a long time in the market? Is there a better around the corner? Which operating system (OS) is currently the most popular, and why?

Is There a Better Time of Year to Buy Smartphones

The truth is more complicated than a single simple answer and each OS has its own small cycles of when and why you should pick up a handset. We will do our best to guide you through the current top three candidates: iPhones (with iOS system), Android devices and Windows Phone handsets.

What is the best time of year to buy an iPhone?

Apple launches a new iPhone every 12 months or so, but it’s a pattern that has become a little less reliable. However, when buying an iPhone in relation to its release date has not really changed. If you want to get a new iPhone, then it is usually best to get your hands on one as soon as possible after it reaches stores, as long as you do not buy from a store in Brazil where the handsets are extremely expensive and are not worth the that they ask for.

We suggest not waiting more than 6 months after an iPhone is released to pick up a new one. After that time, it is probably worth waiting for the next iPhone to leave, unless the situation is more desperate than normal and you need a new smartphone as soon as possible. Once the new generation comes, your phone will not be worth less monetarily, but it will also lose some of its brightness. Grabbing a new iPhone soon after it comes out ensures that your handset will be as valuable as it can be for as long as possible.

More than nine months after an iPhone is released is a definite no. Just wait the extra time (probably) three months, until the next one is released. Even if you are happy to have the “outdated” model it goes down in price significantly once the latest iPhone comes out.

With the history of producing a small number of quality products by Apple, each iteration of the iPhone does not really need to be tested by the market. If the iPhone has software issues then they will be patched down the road with updates for iOS (the operating system used by iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch).

There are usually very few hardware issues with Apple iPhones, as the company spends all of its time focusing and testing only one phone, rather than many phones each year. As a result, most hardware problems are resolved before the phone is sold. Even if there is a problem, you will not have to wait long to hear about them and have quick solutions implemented.

Keep in mind we are not suggesting that you queue up on the four o’clock line on launch day. Wait a few weeks or a few. As you have seen, the date of the iPhone for best purchase depends on its launch, not the time of year.

What is the best time of year to buy an Android?

It is often a joke in the technology community that there is never a good time to buy and Android. This is not because Android phones are inherently bad but rather because every time it’s released there is a potentially a little better model just around the corner.

For the most part, this is true. From WP, Android and iPhones, the hardest to pick a good time is Android. Generally, the best time to get a new Android device is a few months after Google launches a new version of the Android operating system (OS).

A few months later? That’s usually when manufacturers start releasing their own devices running on the “new” Android OS. Whenever a manufacturer designs their first handsets that have been running on a new Android, it’s a sure bet that their main phone at least the next quarter will be among the group’s upgraded names. Alternatively, Google Nexus device line has been solid for a few generations now in addition to Samsung Galaxy S line.

To accompany each new version of Android, Google enters as a partner of leading smartphone manufacturers and releases a smartphone with the “Nexus” brand. This phone is the new flagship for the entire operating system and usually comes out a few months before other devices running on that OS version go on sale. The Nexus phones have become increasingly impressive with each passing generation, and now compete convincingly when they are released.

New versions of Android tend to come out when they’re ready, not with predicted regularity. Android Ice Cream Sandwich made its debut in the global npo Samsung Galaxy Nexus market in November 2011. Other Ice Cream Sandwich devices high echelon only began to see its market introduction around 2012 in the March / April brand. A quick search will show you when the latest version of Android was released and when the next version is expected.

However, as we have said, Android devices are always being launched in rapid succession from each other. So either there is never a good time to buy one or it is always a good time to buy one. Just a little research, finding that Android devices are currently selling the best and reading some reviews about them. Do not worry about holding on just because there is a rumor that the next one will be released in a month or a short time. If the phone is below 6 months of age and has high praise then it should provide you with a solid Android experience. You’ll never have the high-end Android handset for a whole year, so it’s useless to worry about your decision based on wanting to have the best for the longest time

We suggest leaving a little time between launching an Android phone and buying it for at least a month. The reason we suggest by waiting for a while is to allow the rest of the market to test the handset. Launching several high-end devices each year, as well as several other more basic devices on the market , mean that errors and omissions are more likely to occur. If the phone has any critical flaws after a month, it is easily enough time for them to make their decisions accordingly.

What is the best time of year to buy a Windows Phone?

Windows Phones tend to be very similar due to the restrictive nature of Windows Phone OS. Where Android manufacturers are able to implement their own user interfaces (UIs) in Windows Phone is a mostly uniform experience across the board. As such, it becomes more about comparing hardware, such as quality and screen size, rather than software.

It is true that manufacturers tend to have large releases after the new version of Windows Phone hit the market. But these phones are often followed by other handsets that are as, or even more, desirable. Windows Phones tend to see downloadable software updates very quickly after a new version of OS comes out, with the notable exception of the insurmountable gap between the Windows Phone 8 operating system and Windows Phone 7. We suggest you focus more on the present case or not if a phone has the hardware to meet your needs, rather than which version of Windows Phone OS you are running. Do you have a Windows Phone with an incredible camera, a large / vibrant screen, an out-of-the-box design or do not you care that much? Find the phone that is right for you and just grab it,

Again, I suggest going for something under 6 months old and always check if there is a new version that is leaving soon. Windows Phone devices tend to have less of a global market cycle as there is with iOS, and a more steady stream slower than that of new Android handsets. So if there is a telephone at the corner that best suits your needs then it probably was worth the wait, but there is less of a specific “right time” to buy when one is talking about Windows Phone handsets.

In short

iPhones: Grab them as soon as you can after launch. Do not wait more than 6 months and certainly do not expect more than 9.

Androids: Never more than 6 months, check the ones at the top and try to get one that has adopted an update of the Android operating system from the beginning. Do not forget to wait a month or so for the market to test all critical flaws.

Windows Phones: Find what’s best for you and buy. Make sure it is not too old (again, try to stay less than 6 months) and make sure there is a new and better one to be released soon.

We hope this guide has been helpful to anyone who wants to buy a new phone. When buying a smartphone depends more on launch dates than times of years. If you have any other questions, please be sure to ask. We hope we have helped.