Is Official: Ice Cream Sandwich Will Arrive at The Samsung Galaxy SII March 10

After several rumors and a recent announcement by Samsung Israel setting the date of update of Samsung Galaxy SII, the Korean company has issued an official statement on their website: Ice Cream Sandwich will come to this terminal on March 10. That is, right now.

Update will arrive via KIES so it will have to have this program installed on your computer in order to receive the latest version of Google’s operating system. As always, expected to get in a staggered fashion so it is possible that the same day 10 is not available in Spain.

You can also update via OTA so if you are eager to update you can check if it is available in two ways. Remind you that this update includes all the latest Ice Cream Sandwich and with the software layer TouchWiz as good as usual in Samsung.

Remember also that this update will receive it users of the free model. If you have funded with any other operator likely take more since this agent is one intermediary in the chain of distribution of updates. Start preparing KIES, Ice Cream Sandwich is just around the corner.