Is about Christmas and Google Play Still Does Not Let You Treat Application

We already have Christmas just around the corner and there will be who arises a virtual gift for the reason that, as for example a application. After all, we live in an increasingly digital world, and a payment application might be more useful than the umpteenth pair of shoes to walk in the House. There is only a problem: Google Play does not let you make gifts.

The Android app store has been with us since 2008, 8 years ago, called by then Android Market. Since then it has rained a lot and Google Play has changed inside and out, but something has been unflappable all years: even today it is not possible to make something as basic as buy an application for another person.

The competition does

At this point it should be clear that the function of purchase applications for others (i.e. give them) is something more or less Basic. In a traditional shop you can buy physical gifts and deliver them to your recipient, and in a shop online you can buy physical gifts and specify to be sent to another person. However, Google Play in everything you buy will automatically to your account, It is linked to certain devices, and more.

We might think that giving applications is an unnecessary complication, perhaps too complicated for what you see that Google has omitted it during these eight years, but if we look at the competition, is that maybe it wasn’t so difficult. You can give applications (and other things) from iTunes Since 2010.

In iTunes you can give movies, music, applications, money… what you want.

In Android, seems that nobody dares today to allow give applications. Although it formerly could be in the Amazon App Store, it is today not possible. Another example is the app store from Samsung, that being quite “beta” not too surprising that it lacks the option. On Android, there is simply no easy way give applications.

In Android, simply gift cards

Would you like to give your neighbor a copy of Action Launcher or the remake of Final Fantasy VII for Android? So either you register your Paypal account or your credit card in your Google account, or purchases with your account and log on your device… or buy you one gift card by the approximate matter and pray it to use it in that specific application and not in that you want.

Technically we could debate about who has the right to choose about the gift and what is most important, the desires of which gives or receives, but in any case these gifts cards have less charisma than a personalized gift. It is like giving a ticket on your birthday: gives you perhaps like to receive it… or perhaps would have preferred something more personal.

Another problem of the aforementioned gift cards is to find them. In Spain the official list of distributors includes Fnac, Media Markt, day, GAME, Schlecker, Casa del Libro, Logista and post, which is not bad, but in other countries it may be more difficult to find.

Probably we can give away soon

However, although late, we must despair because it is clear that the possibility of giving apps (and music, games, and other things available on Google Play) will end up coming sooner or later.

At the end, and after the different pieces of the puzzle are already on the table. Google Play supports promotional codes and Google Play already allows you to give credit of Google Play, subscriptions to Google Play Música and books… that Yes, only in United States with the exception of books, which can also give away in Spain, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Sending a gift book from Google Play

The feature is already there, available in Google Play, but limited to a few elements (in this case, books) and some countries. Why not expand it to the rest of the contents of the catalogue? It is difficult to find an answer to this question that makes sense, but whatever it is what is preventing gifts from reaching the rest of the content, it is in the interest of Google find a way to safeguard it. After all, we are a month and little of the time of year where more gifts are made and Google is on the verge of wasted opportunity, one more year.