iPhone App Led Police to the Thieves Gang

A security app tracked a stolen iPhone and led police to a thieves gang in Copenhagen. We are reminder, if such apps are activated, says Guard Commander.

iPhones and other expensive cell phones have become a favourite target for the long fingered in this country, but on Monday night it went wrong for phone thieves, who believed that they had gotten away with atrocities.

Thanks to the so called Find My iPhone app that can track your phone via GPS, and a rapid deployment of police, five arrested and thefts from several thefts found. It writes our site.

-“There are of course some criteria for when we want to use it (Find My iPhone, ed.). But it is becoming more and more used. It is far from always that people have enabled it, but if it is, then we react on it-and we also have several times arrested on the basis of it, “says John Hansen, guard commander at Bellahøj Station, according to Comon.dk.

The phone was stolen at Tomsgårdvej in the Northwestern district of Copenhagen. The owner contacted the police and gave access to her iCloud account.

Then jerked the ushers out to iPhone’s geographical location and came after two people to an apartment, where three more were arrested. Here police found 13 other mobile phones and two computers.