iPad Overtaken by Android Tablets, According to Our Site

Apple’s iPad has lost first place – now it’s Android that is most dominant on the tablet market.

According to research House our site, so Apple’s iPad after years of domination were overtaken by Android tablets in the year’s first quarter. Here ended the Android tablets with having a market share of 56.5 percent compared with 39.6 per cent to iPad. It writes our site.

The figures were almost reversed the same quarter last year – Apple’s iPad was sitting here at 58.1 percent of the market, and Android only at 39.4%. Thus has the Android platform had a massive increase of around 247.5 percent.

Tablet market has generally also had a huge growth in the year’s first quarter, according to our site, the total sold 49.2 million units, which was more than were sold in the first half of 2012. Thus showing IDCs figures that whole market grew by 142.4 percent compared to the same period last year.

The iPad is still the greatest, if you look at the individual manufacturers and products. That was in the first quarter sold 19.5 million iPads – Samsung’s second-largest producer with sales of 8.8 million tablets – in third place came the Asus, Amazon in fourth place and in fifth place is Microsoft with 900,000 sold Surface.