Important: Buying the Right HTC One

When HTC One comes up for sale in Denmark in the middle of April, encouraged customers to buy the correct version. Look for the label.

Many smartphones called the same all over the world, but that is not necessarily talk about it quite the same product.

Various configurations and components, our site. due to changing sub-contractors as well as adjustments and adjustments to individual markets, makes that consumers do not always buy the same phone in the different countries.

The consequence of this may be that customers get a phone, as on hardware does not meet the specification list, for example, be found in the Danish market.

Furthermore, network adjustments mean that the signal on conversations from being dropped or net-the speed is unstable or impaired. Some might get a phone that does not contain the correct language for the market.

HTC: buy the Nordic version

HTC takes, as the first producer, the consequence of that consumers cannot see through differentiating the editions, and introducing a labelling scheme on the future top model HTC One.

-“It is an important subject our site has taken up. We would like to have the customers get the best possible experience of our product. Therefore, we call for the customer specifically asks for a Nordic HTC One in the store. It is adapted to the network we have in Denmark, “says HTC’s Nordic Director Peter Frolund.

He tells that they will soon be ready with a brand like the dealers that sell the Nordic version, can use in their materials so that the customer can tell the difference. In addition, there will be a special “Nordic certified” label on sales boxes in our market area.

The problem with Nordic and non-Nordic products occurs because some dealers parallel import smartphones from other markets, which means that the customer in Denmark may end with a phone that is not performing optimally.

HTC One is located in the Danish stores in mid-April.