If You Drink… Beware of What You Do with Your Mobile Phone

Alcohol and mobile can be a much more dangerous combination of what we imagine. Not only by what we tell you the other day about how easy that is to fall into compulsive shopping. With a few drinks you can say something that you should not on your social networks or take a look at the Tinder and send a bold message to someone whom you had previously dismissed.

Use Tinder or register in sites dating.

If it is already a danger to end up in a private sale tracking the dress that a few hours ago you decided that it was not worth to buy, imagine the equivalent in Tinder. That person who woke up a big ‘NO’ in your head now, a boring Saturday without anything else to do that drinking beers and gossip potential candidates, It can be a ‘yes’. And without brakes.

In the end, although not you seems it, is the same situation that we lived some years ago, when we were seventeen and at the Club ended with the person less you had waited, someone you’d never bundled with whom in the background.

And although in American romantic comedies seems very funny to see the main character jumping onto your data network in the solitude of his New York mini-apartment, while empty a bottle of California wine, the dangers of register on a site dating without being aware of what you’re really doing, they are very large. You can finish telling that so funny story about when you went for drinks with Madonna (lie) or exaggerating about your personal life. Or worse yet, tell your life without cut your hair, with a frank sincerity that you can get into many trouble.

Post on Facebook and other social networks.

How many times we have posted something on Facebook what we have regretted the next day? Mix drinks and social networks is highly dangerous.

With a drink over tend to use more exclamations and a couple of funny emoticons (not dangerous). With three cups will come photos with a glass in hand and funny comments that are missing half of the syllables. With six messages to your ex. With eight, the messages your ex from the profile of your company that you’re responsible. With an aspirin and several glasses of water, time to update your LinkedIn profile to begin to look for another job.

If you want to avoid the temptation to block the mobile.

Although the ideal is not having to go to these lengths, lock your mobile phone may be a solution If you want to avoid getting into trouble, buy things they really do not want to or post crap that can get very expensive the next day. For example, Drunk Lock is an application that prevents you from calling endeterminadas circumstances and also it blocks WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google Hangouts, Viber, Go SMS Pro, Handcent SMS and Chomp SMS. If you want to unlock your mobile that you must solve a series of math problems with a few drinks more will give you much to think about. It is only available for Android.

Call not drunk is an iPhone application that blocks you mobile and prevents you making awkward calls in that moment where you’re not in your right mind.

And finally, one of the apps that we most liked: Drunk Mode, as you can read here, Drunk Mode protects you from yourself to limit yourself with whom you can communicate or the trouble that you can get with your mobile phone when you have taken a cup more. In addition, helps you to find your friends or tracing a route if you lost consciousness of what you did and do not remember or how came home.

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