Huge Testing by Retailers in Store

Best prices, best selection or the best service? We have examined both online stores and physical mobile phone shops to see which is best. Today, we go through the physical stores.

To compare online stores and brick-and-mortar stores is like comparing apples and pears. In a physical store, you talk to a sales person face to face and you will get to know on the phone for real, see how they look in real life and not just on image, and know how they are in the hand. In an online store, you instead overview of all facts and can compare them between different models, and you can quickly and easily compare prices between stores, this in the quiet and relaxing situation you choose.

We have therefore not compared them with each other, but instead performed two tests with different criteria, one for online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. We start with the physical stores. Today, we go through the physical stores, while you can read about online shops on Monday.

Physical stores
There are also many benefits to buy mobile» over the counter «– personal service, instant delivery and the ability to test mobile phones side by side. We have visited 11 different retail chains – the big electronics stores, operators ‘ stores and independent chains – and vulnerable sellers for the same battery of questions as online shops.

Elgiganten advancing their positions when it comes to mobiles. Last year we noted that mobiles a more space in stores. The product range has now fallen slightly in absolute terms, but on average the largest Elgiganten range are among the stores we visited almost all mobiles of Elgiganten is working copies. The assortment feels updated and has a width ranging from really cheap trick to the last flagship. Elgiganten maintains a high level of knowledge and treatment. Some of the more specialized chains are doing better, but Go is best among the electronics department stores. In some places, however, is very sales-oriented and also recorded the conversation on products that we asked for – as insurance and electricity contract.

Large assortment
Good level of knowledge and attitude

Miss sometimes to listen to the customer

Media Markt

Media Markt has reduced assortment size compared to last year’s visitors round. Then we found over 100 different models in most stores – in the years spanning the range from 30 up to 95.Sometimes it feels a bit utplockat. Several sites in the shelves empty and the other is occupied by older, and a little odd, models. A novelty this year is that we meet the staff from mobile operators in the stores. Sometimes we wait a long time for help at Media Markt and then it’s frustrating to go through that person just wants to sell subscriptions and that one must ask a» red sweater «for assistance with finding the right mobile. The level of both knowledge and treatment is spotty. We get good explanations, but mixed with some incorrect assertions.
Great range and capacious surfaces

Uneven level of knowledge

Do you want to test different phones before you decide to select another store. In Mobilizera are just dummies on display and test possibilities limited to the mobiles the sellers themselves happen to use. The smallest stores consists only of a disk and the actual handsets are in their boxes at the warehouse. The accessories range – mainly musiklurar and case — is better. We experience on a number of occasions that staff do not listen to our requests, but rather talk about their own favourite mobiles. The level of knowledge is in the bottom layer. We get essentially superficial answers both on technology and service questions and statements that do not hold for a supplementary question.
Sell most major brands and operators

Little opportunity to test mobile phones

Phone Family
Phone Familys stores differ from other chains, they rarely have their own premises, without unpacking the whole operation before each working day at open spaces in malls or in other stores. The range consists of 10 – 20 different mobiles with a focus on premium and mid market. Service level has climbed up to the fully-approved grades. Phone Family is still alone in making use of Barker to attract customers, but once there, it is possible to get good answers to questions, even if you are not ready to do business directly. We get excellent accounts of NFC technology and tips about data consumption in Spotify.
The opportunity to test the latest mobiles

Messy environment

Phone House
Phone House is the only chain that combines a large number of centrally located stores with sales of subscriptions from all operators. Phone House is able to quickly provide a good overview of the plan that meets our requirements and the key differences between the different operators ‘ offerings. Even the technical knowledge is good. The seller concludes an exposition about smartklockor with that – quite rightly – say that Samsung’s watches with a little» fixing and dodging «can be made to work with other brands.
Best skill level
Good advice on subscriptions

Few working phones in the store

Today, there are an average of 40 working phones to browse at Siba.The level of knowledge is spotty, but better than the average for all chains. Some sellers shines with good knowledge in terms of both the technology and the content of the different data plans, but it is offered also in a number of remarkable generalizations – for example, to paid apps on the Iphone is completely free in the Android market or to optical image stabilization does not bring any benefits.

Good level of knowledge

At least range among Electronics Department stores

Technology magazine
It’s easy to miss that actually carried out the sale of mobile phones with the Technology magazine. The store is filled with all sorts of gadgets and in cases where there is an exhibition of mobiles, it involves a few Dummies – often older models. The exception is a shop where there is a functioning Samsung Galaxy S5 at the counter.The staff of the Technology magazine is in almost all cases very helpful and committed, but the skill level is below average. Unlike many other shops, however, is that the sellers would rather admit gaps than speculate freely. A seller had neither heard of smartklockor or NFC, but after a quick visit to the layer show up both watches and tags that we had to look at. In some shops, there is also the knowledge of the place, but they are sadly few.
Good attitude
Dedicated staff

No opportunity to test yourself
Varying knowledge level

In several shops are mobiles mounted five and five round tablets which can push forward the current offers. Tele2 usually tops list of operators when it comes to knowledge, but this year it lands at a more average level. We love the self-criticism that a seller Express –» 4 g is something that operators found to be able to charge more. At the same time no less elegant attempt to up-sell. We hear a customer will be prompted to purchase a case for Iphone 6 on the grounds that» otherwise the camera will break completely.
Price transparency

Small shops.

The stores are spacious with good selection of products. The skill level is good. Telenor has an eye both on mobiles in shop and on their own service offerings. The exception is a salesman who claims that apputbudet is the same for Iphone and Windows. The response gets a lower average score and it varies greatly from store to store. The problem is often that staffing is low compared to the store’s size so that sellers provide a stressed appearance when issues require more and sex grows.

Good assortment
High level of knowledge

Varying treatment

Many customers are, like us, very inquisitive so you may have to wait a while, almost regardless of time of day. When it comes to knowledge ends up Telia at a low average level – about the same score as the Technology magazine. The largest gaps on technical issues. A seller we meet have never heard of NFC and fail to answer the phones that have this feature, despite access to a computer with the product catalog. Elsewhere, exaggerated features and water-protected phones presented as completely waterproof. When it comes to plans, by contrast, delivers Telia clear answers. The exception is when we ask about Spotify. The seller thinks it’s very important that you should order the service via Telia to get discounts, but have no argument for it.
Lavish stores
Good assortment

Low level of knowledge

Three have the smallest range among the operators, both in the shops and when you ask which lurks who r possible to order home. Three have become better at pricing information and it is also prepaid card price for handsets. As with Telia, the emphasis is on the own services when we test the skill level. However three fare well even on the technical issues and ends up on a second place among operators after Telenor. The hospitality is good – we need rarely wait long for service and sellers note often, voluntarily the main prices and product features in a patch for us.
Good knowledge

Limited range

The winner of this year’s retail chain: Phone House
Phone House has pulled up sharply in terms of knowledge and is good to even when it comes to hospitality. There are not always so many different functional phones exposed out in the stores, but the total range is large and the chain can package mobiles with plans from all operators.