Huawei Honor 2-Fair Between Mobile (Mobile Test)

TEST: Huawei Honor 2 is a fairly good phone in the mid-range with a fine size.

When I last year tested Huawei Honor I was tremendously impressed. The phone cost at that time just below 2,000 dollars without subscription, and beat the competition in the class in many areas, even including those who were more expensive. Not a wonder that nature ended on 6 out of 6 stars.
Unfortunately for Huawei, it is difficult to follow up a success. The sequel is not nearly as impressive as its predecessor.

Design the layout is much the same. The nubrede back, however, is replaced by matte plastic that feels like a soft non-slip material, which ensures that your phone does not slip out of the hand on a. All in all, a design that does not bother anyone, neither the opposite.

The front is also stylish, with three touch-keys below the screen. Power and volume keys are located on the phone’s right side.

It works on all ways annoying, to microUSB socket for charging sits on the phone’s left side, and not at the bottom, where I think it belongs to. Fortunately, the headset jack located at the top.


A little more of it all

Honor 2 weighs 145 grams, five grams more than its predecessor. For the minimal extra weight you get, among other things, bigger screen (4.5 inch), more pixels (720 x 1280), more internal memory (8 GB) and larger battery (2,230 mAh) – but still the option of using microSD card for extra space.

The camera remains at 8 megapixels, while the video recorder now can run 1080 p at 30 fps. The processor that pulls it all is a quad-core at 1.4 GHz, based on Huaweis own chipset. In the edition of Honor 2 sold in Denmark, there is 1 GB of RAM.

Compared with Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is Huawei Honor 2 better studded over virtually the entire line, but heavier and bulkier than Samsung’s mini-smartphone.

Old Android version

Honor 2 is from sales start backwards on the Android version. Your phone comes with Android 4.0.4 only, and there are so far up for Android 4.2 that is currently out on Google Nexus 4.

But there is hope ahead, since Huawei opposite our site confirms that Honor 2 updated for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at the beginning of the second quarter of this year.

I think it would have dressed Huawei, if they had chosen to come up with a minimum Android 4.1, so buyers don’t have to worry about having to wait for an update.

Nothing new in the user interface

Compared to how I remember Huawei Honor, there has not been that great in the sequel. Of course, there is no reason to change anything if what you have is working.

It is (fortunately) relatively limited intervention Huawei has created in the Android system, seen in relation to how Android in its raw form takes it out. And Huaweis work with own overlay for Android that will come in the future, worries me a little. Huawei has not told immediately whether they plan to update the current phones for the Emotion UI, or whether it is reserved for the new.

That being said, so is the user experience in Honor 2 pretty good. Only in the Setup procedure where all the same mails, contacts, applications loaded, I experienced a sluggish smartphone. In everyday use, running Honor 2 quite well – taken into consideration that this is not a top model.

Hopelessly keyboard for messaging

Huawei Input Method, called the keyboard for Messaging. Here, the Chinese must learn not to reinvent something else already made better earlier.

I think keyboard-layout is directly miserable, and only on the good days are struck that right. However, common to the whole experience is that one’s writing speed is excessive slowness.

Fortunately, there are good alternatives in Google Play Great, I am using Smart keyboard. However, I think it is unreasonable that the buyers will have to struggle with to improve, something as important as a keyboard. Here is however not only about Huawei, trying to reinvent the wheel.

Not a mail-mobile

If you are expecting a strong phone for business use, is it not Huawei Honor 2 you must choose.

It will sync fine with different email providers as well as Microsoft Exchange, but your emails do not come into the threads/conversations. Instead you must deal with a large pile of individual emails, which inhibits the overview.

Are you using Gmail mail application, is it the same as the one found on other Android-powered smartphones, so here there are no challenges.

On the other hand, there are no problems when it comes to the calendar, which in addition to sync fine with multiple sources, can display the contents in day, week, month, and agenda. Similarly, the contacts list fine when it come to overview and interaction with our site. Exchange or Gmail.

Good battery life

Huawei said back in March 2012, to one of their focus areas is the long battery life, which they generally also have delivered on their products. That is often better battery life than the competition, but not tremendously much better.

On Huaweis phones, I often notice that there does not appear to run so many mysterious processes in the background, as is the case in many other smartphones, which ultimately helps to give good battery life.

Specifically on Huawei Honor 2 has been no problem for me, to keep power throughout the working day, without concerns along the way.

The camera is honourably

This Mobile delivers an Honourable photo result, however, without surprise. This is a 8 megapixel camera with auto focus option, as the main camera. At the front sitting 1.3 megapixels camera for video phone and photos of yourself.

The pictures are nice, not the worst I’ve seen. There is little tendency to image-noise and the white balance is not quite in place. The white shades have a bluish tint.

The camera has various effects built in, which one can cheer himself with, but it will be also looked at it.

I will not say to Honor 2 can replace a real camera, unless we are talking about here and now photos.


With this smartphone you don’t get 4 g connections, but only 3 g. You don’t get a camera that kicking the legs out from under you or for that matter the next business smartphone. On the other hand, you can enjoy a good physical size, reasonably sensible screen as well as good battery life, fine sound and good conversation quality – and I did not in test period had problems with either network, WiFi or Bluetooth.

Huawei Honor 2 is in most areas extremely well functioning, and the overall experience is that this is a mid-range mobile of the better. Unfortunately, there is, in relation to the first Honor, happened too little in the development.

The price is around 2,500 dollars which is fair enough, though it certainly should not be more expensive. Already at the current price, it is worth considering that the view in the direction of a Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is available down to 2,000 dollars at the moment.

Huawei Honor 2 ends on four out of six stars.



-Good size and good grip.
-Nice screen with fine resolution, good battery life.
-Good sound by calling and using Bluetooth headset.


-Poor keyboard for Messaging.
-Old Android version.
-No 4 g + poor placement of the USB connector.