Huawei: Firefox OS Might Not Be What Telecommunications Companies Hoping for

Huaweis CEO Richars Yu is not sure that Firefox OS can go on to become the third major operating system.

Android and iOS are like two warriors who fight for world domination, but it is for telecommunications companies, so they would like an additional combatant on the pitch.

Huaweis CEO, Richard Yu, has said in an interview at MWC to our site that telecommunications service providers would like to see a third operating system, there may be a clear alternative to iOS and Android.

Huawei is right now in the process of planning units with Mozilla’s HTML5-based Firefox system. Units which may be launched already in the summer, and who has to fight to be the third alternative.

Mozilla’s Firefox US must fight against BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8, about to become the third big warrior on the field.

Now you would maybe think that Richard Yu wanted to talk rosy about Firefox US, but instead, he acknowledges that the system might not be quite what the telecommunications companies are hoping for.

“Whether the consumers will accept it or not, it is difficult to say,” said Richard Yu, and continues: “But whether this can be very successful or not, it is too early to say.”