HTC One SV-4 G to the People (Mobile Test)

TEST: HTC has sent HTC One SV on the market, a mid-range phone with super fast 4 g data connection.

First impressions – designed similar to all the other

HTC One SV is a mid-range phone with mid-range specifications. And yet – for HTC has done 4 g available in One SV at a price similar to other mid-range phones.

One SV is an Android device, which in many respects is similar to URf.eks. HTC Desire X in terms of both design and specifications and price.

The front is black with three touchknapper at the bottom (“Back”, “Home” and “programme overview”).

The back is available in three different colors, black, white and a dusty gray/blue color, which at first glance might seem a bit dull, but upon closer acquaintance actually seems very bold.

Overall it can be said that, although the manufacturer has made small adjustments and details into the design, so similar to the One SV many other phones in the same class and size. Nothing new under the Sun.

In terms of substance, there is not so much new – Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is the main engine and the upstairs is HTC’s own HTC Sense 2.5, that serves as the user interface.

It jumps quickly, however, the fact that One SV “only” running Android 4.0, that’s why we’ve asked HTC about there is an update for version 4.1 Jelly Bean on the way.

Add to this the corresponding HTC map and contact: “We cannot express ourselves what will happen in the future” – it should not, however, dissuade me from that predict that there will be an update to the One SV – the question is, when?

HTC One SV is equipped with 4.3 inch Super LCD touch screen, 1.2 GHz dual core procesoor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, expandable with microSD.

Screen – not a finger to put on

The screen on One SV is on 4.3 inch, which is approaching the size of the top model HTC One X that has 4.7 inch screen.

One SV is still physically smaller than the top model, which means that it is slightly better and more easily in the hand and in the trouser pocket.

The resolution, however, is still held in the 480 x 800 pixels on the mid-range with 217 ppi. This does not mean, however, that the screen does not provide item-video reception is top notch, with sharp images and great color reproduction.

Screen performer nice, and video play in high quality comes fully into its own.

At no time has there been cases of missing press registration at the screen. It gives a good and safe feeling when the screen responds accurately and each time.

Camera – could be better

As for the camera, it must be said that One SV lives up to its intermediate level. could it be to 5 megapixels.

I have in previous reviews have argued that just 5 megapixel is by being the lowest common denominator in terms of smartphone cameras. Why dredge HTC also bottom, when choosing this particular resolution for their camera.

HTC has quite a known specified that in the phone is a BSI sensor that would provide better images in low light, but it has not been possible to demonstrate during the test, if it actually is the case.

The camera, however, suffers from some focus problems, which means that even if you choose a point to focus on, so it will not always quite sharply.

There are also problems with the white balance, which is not always frames exactly. It is not a problem that exists only in One SV, but a general disease for many smartphones.

One SV can therefore not replace your digital camera, but you have “just” need to take documentary photographs and pictures of friends, family and children, when a spontaneous situation occurs, then hitting One SV pretty well to.

Internet – super fast

Now we come to the really separates One SV from other mid-class phones: 4 g! – That is to say lightning fast internet on the go.

With 4 g you’ll get faster internet and data transfer than is the case with 3 g. However, this means something, if you need to move large amounts of data quickly, URf.eks. When playing movies from Netflix, Viaplay or similar.

It can also get you to the benefit if you need to upload video clips or send large files in General.

If you “just” need to surf around a bit at random, check your Facebook and send a few emails, you will probably not get the big out of the 4 g.

Average websites, there is no special graphics-heavy, will be loaded almost as fast with 3 g as with 4 g.

Thus not said that you should not choose a phone with 4 g, if you’re just now and are considering the purchase of your next smartphone. As with much else, will be both apps and graphics more demanding and thus will in future probably also be needing more data.

HTC One SV is thus a phone that makes 4 g available in the mid-range, and more for the average consumer, who might not just going after the top models on the market.

Another thing that is worth taking into consideration, if you’d like on the 4 g wave, are telecommunications companies ‘ coverage area.

It’s not all places there are 4 g coverage, and therefore you should check with your telephone company, if they cover in the area you need.

With other suppliers of phones with 4 g, there have been problems with that technology was not supported by all telecommunications companies. The problem should not be present in the HTC One SV, as it can connect to 4 g at frequencies 1800, 2600 and 800.

Audio – why should the speaker like Iran forever on the back?

HTC One SV has a pretty good sound in terms of regular conversation with the phone held up to the ear. The sound is clear and will be rendered nicely, without annoying background noise, outages and crunch.

If the conversation is carried out via the built-in speaker and microphone, achieved the best results by holding the phone in your hand or put it with the back facing you.

The speaker sits for the back of the device, which means that if your phone is on a table with the screen upwards, so the sound will be significantly reduced.

The speaker is located on the back of the work on my completely idiotic, as most would like to have the phone lying around, so they can see the screen. Well, but as of now, we know that HTC has been smarter at that point. The recently introduced HTC One, has two speakers placed at the front of the device – HTC Super good!

Player you music with good bass, you’ll love HTC One SV, which has integrated Beats Audio, which provides a better audio experience. Especially with a Beats-headset is the experience at the very top.

Battery-a day and a half with severe use

By a test like this, your phone will be used very violently, to both talk, surf, games and three push-mail. It puts to the test the battery, of course, but at the same time also gives an impression of the life.

Although I might use your phone just as diligently as a teenage girl, then managed to keep current about a day and a half.

I have no doubt that the phone probably will be able to stay a little longer if it is in the hand of an average user.

My phones are usually thrown in the charger, when I go to bed in the evening. It happens that I can be sure to have enough power for the following day.

There is nothing worse for a smartphone addict, than when the phone begins to sign at the end of the day, the low-battery level.

It doesn’t happen with HTC One SV. The battery lasts just long, and thanks for it!

Actually I reached to run one and a half day without charging, and with as precipitously use, it must be said to be approved.

Conclusion – good medium-sized car with 4 g

HTC One SV has a very nice screen, which nicely renders colors and movements without pixelere too much.

Unfortunately, the camera pulls in the other direction. It cannot be used for much more than traditional mobile-shots. You must therefore not expect HD quality, which you can get printed at a photo lab.

When it comes to data, then we know the HTC One SV is best: lightning-fast data transfer with 4 g gives good internet experience and smoother up-and download.

If you want to have a mid-class phone, but wants more speed on the data portion, then HTC One SV is a great choice.

Some of the phones I have tested, I can not come soon enough, when the test is coming to an end. How have I not with HTC One SV, who has a good size, lies well in the hand and performer amazing good and sliding.

One SV is incredibly stable and reliable, and has at no time during the test, minced or lagget significantly.

Experience, if you look away from the camera, is completely on par with much more expensive models, and therefore, there are really very few phone for money, by investing in One SV.

The phone could at the end gets to 2,999 crowns.
It must be said that a real 4 g-top model, LG Optimus G, only costs about 3,500 crowns.


  • 4 g – lightning fast internet
  • Good price
  • Good and fast performance



  • Camera 5 megapixels
  • The speaker on the back of the
  • Android 4.0 – should have 4.1

HTC One SV is clearly a phone I would like to recommend, and gives it 5 out of 6 stars.