HTC One Still Have the HDR-Microphone

HTC has removed the term HDR-microphone from the official specifications. But in Denmark sold HTC One still with HDR.

The launch of the HTC One has not been without problems for the Taiwanese producer.

In the new top model is applied to a particularly sensitive microphone, so called HDR that are manufactured by ST Microelectronics. Unfortunately this subcontractor has an exclusive agreement with Nokia, that briefly prevented the sale of HTC One in the Dutch territory.

HTC is not responsible for the error. The case is taking place now between STM and Nokia.

-“The HTC One we sell today is the same phone as we have always sold (with HDR-Micron, ed.). The case is an issue between Nokia and SD Micro. We are waiting for the parties to find a solution, “says Nordic Director of HTC Peter Frølund.

According to our site, it has, however, led to that HTC is no longer markets the HTC One with HDR-the description that was removed from the official specifications.