How to Unlock a Cell Phone

What is a phone “simlock”? How to unlock your machine’s network to log whatever your operator? Our site tells you all about it.

How to Unlock a Cell Phone

Customers who have already tried changing of mobile operator while keeping the same smartphone know well: the replacement of the SIM card is not always enough to operate the appliance again! When marketed directly by operators with a mobile plan ,many mobile phones are indeed the subject of a “simlockage”.

This prevents the user to switch to a competing network without inquire before a deactivation code. The désimlockage is indispensable to subscribe to a competitor. It is also required in many other situations, such as to sell your phone to a buyer who will not necessarily have the same operator you. How to proceed?

Désimlockage: What is it?

Most so-called subsidized phones, that is to say those sold or “offered” by operators with a mobile package including a commitment of twelve or twenty-four months are subject to a simlockage. Under this barbaric term hides a very simple principle, which means that the user can only use the only GSM network, 3G or 4G operator of its own. A phone simlock from Orange will for example not work if the user introduces a Bouygues and SFR SIM card.

In principle, the phones purchased without obligation and at full price by users are not affected by the simlockage. Their owners are free to change provider without worrying about having to perform any release. They will only have to change the SIM card for their device again become immediately operational. The désimlockage are not necessary if you subscribe to the low cost subsidiary of your previous operator(eg Sosh at Orange, or B & You Bouygues), since the mobile network used is the same.

Your mobile phone is it simlock?

Your commitment period has expired for some time, or you do not remember what kind of package you get? It’s easy to check if your phone is simlock or not . Please have a SIM card from another operator-yours if you already have your new subscription, but you can borrow one from a friend-then insert it into your phone instead of Ancient.

  • If the phone asks you to simply learn the PIN code and then opens without incident, it is a device that is not simlock.
  • If an unusual error message, or if the phone requires a network unlock code, you are stuck with your old operator.It should then ask désimlockage your device.

Désimlockage: Legal and payable by any user

Contrary to popular belief, désimlockage is a perfectly legal procedure, the terms are even supervised by ARCEP, the gendarme of French telecoms . This is’ a law to ensure free access to any user deals offered by the competition . Your operator is obliged to respond to your request désimlockage if you are in one of the following situations:

  • Your phone has been fully or partially paid as part of a renewal of your package and / or loyalty program.
  • More than six months have passed since the beginning of your commitment period.
  • You bought your phone without subsidy and without obligation.In such cases, the simlockage of the device is normally excluded, however, a bad surprise is always possible …

How much does it cost?

Désimlockage is almost always free. The operators that joined the French Federation of telecoms (including Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom as well as Free Mobile) accept in order to proceed to the free unlocking the phone after three month subscription only. In all cases, désimlockage is necessarily free at the end of the sixth month commitment.

If you do not have the ability to wait, expect instead to pay the price! The rate of premature désimlockage reached eg € 65 SFR, 76 € to 120 at Orange and Bouygues Telecom €. You should also know that désimlockage an iPhone is more complex and typically causes a billing relative to the base rate.

How to unlock your mobile?

To perform the unlock your machine’s network, it is first necessary to obtain his number IMEI, which is sort of his identity card. You will find the back of the original battery of the cell phone singed by SONGAAH.COM or on the package label. Alternatively, you can also retrieve the component from the unit in question, the following number: * # 06 #

It remains then that you provide your operator IMEI number so that it can proceed with remote unlocking. Specifically, it will provide a code to learn to permanently unlock the phone. According to operators, you will realize this approach through a phone call to customer support and / or by connecting directly to your online profile. Do not hesitate to inquire beforehand.

Other tips

If you want to avoid too steep bill, other techniques allow you to proceed to désimlockage phone cheaply:

  • Many “phone shops” are able to unlock your phone for ten euros. This service is especially useful if you bought your new appliance used and ignore all of the former operator.
  • Many websites are also a specialty unlock your phone for you, performing the steps at the operator against remuneration. Carefully check the legitimacy and reputation of a site before trusting him and never pay more than 10 to 20 € for the operation.
  • Most resourceful will be happy to unlock their own smartphone, going back to the root system and then downloading a specialized application for release.The exact procedure can vary from one device to another. It is therefore recommended to properly consult specialized forums before you risk it!