How to Choose a Smartphone

Unlike simple mobile phones whose main function is to call smartphones are veritable mini-computers with multiple capabilities. Surfing the Internet, film, photograph, guided (GPS), play: smartphones are everyday now, and supply has never been so dense!

How to Choose a Smartphone

Here accordingly some tips to consider before choosing your smartphone.

1 / To Choose your operating system

Just like a computer, the operation of a smartphone based on a specific operating system, which will result features and applications usable by the device.

Three major operating systems share the market right now:


Developed by Google, Android is the operating system for the most common smartphone.equipping more than 80% of smartphones, Android also has the Play Store’s most comprehensive application store, with no less than 1.5 million apps available. Highly customizable, this system offers numerous settings and appearance can be profoundly modified and customized by the user, to be perfectly adjusted to his desires. Smartphone manufacturers are also using this opportunity, each brand offering its own features and its own interface. It is important to note that Google offers regular updates and new versions of Android, the choice whether to deploy the past on smartphones already in circulation depends entirely on the manufacturer. almost all major brands Samsung, LG , Sony, Motorola, Wiko etc have one or several ranges android smartphones.


iOS is the system developed by Apple, which to its own devices. It will therefore necessarily turn to iPhones to take advantage of this operating system.

Known for its ease of use and its many built-in features, iOS has the second application store market, with over 1.3 million applications listed in the App Store. Note that some editors reserve their applications for iOS devices, including in video games.

IOS is a closed system, which means it is impossible to make changes or modify it. iOS is much less customizable Android, but is in return more stable and easier to use.

Apple is also distributed directly all the updates of iOS, so just connect to WiFi automatically retrieve them.

Windows Phone

Developed by Microsoft, Windows Phone is the convergence of betting, the Microsoft Store apps for PC is compatible with Windows 10 for those vintage mobile phones. It is possible to run on the smartphone of programs purchased from the Windows Store to PC and vice versa, the interface automatically adapts to the screen size.

In addition, Windows Phone automatically synchronizes with the Microsoft account used in Windows 8 and Windows computers 10. the users of a PC running one of these two systems therefore immediately find their contacts, calendars, bookmarks internet etc!

Windows Phone is like iOS a closed system, no customizable, but offer a refined ergonomics, and ease of use to some. Note, however, that with a little more than 500 000 applications on the clock, the Windows Store is not as rich as the App Store or the Google Play Store.