How To Change The On-Screen Keyboard On Your Android Mobile

If you have an Android device, you will find that today’s tips are very practical. According to the issues to our support Department, concluded that we at MyTrendyPhone, that there are many customers who are looking for an easier way to switch on-screen keyboard on Android. Read our recommendations and tips to the keyboard language you need.

Change the Android keyboard

Different Android phones have very different on-screen keyboards and some of them have not so practical placements of keys, especially when it comes to Danish characters like Æ, Ø and Å. Therefore, we recommend that you switch to a better alternative. Here are some solutions that we recommend:

* Scandinavian Keyboard – You can download this keyboard absolutely free by visiting the Android Market. Download Scandinavian Keyboard and download then the Danish dictionary (Danish dictionary). When you have finished downloading, open as a text field (for example, start typing SMS) and hold your finger on the to field, you see the dialog box “Select input method”. Then select your new on-screen keyboard.

* SwiftKey Keyboard – Before this app cost about 23 dollars, but now it is free. SwiftKey keyboard-is the world’s most popular app for Android and it supports Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and over 60 other languages. The more you use the new keyboard with predictive text input, the better you get.

To change the keyboard, go to Menu-Settings-> > language and keyboard and select input method. Here you can also change the settings for the keyboard. If you have the Danish Word list, you must activate it in the keyboard settings to get predictive text in the course of the entry.

If you need a physical, wireless keyboard, then visit this page and select a keyboard for your device.