How Are You Trying Firefox Mobile-OS on Your Computer

Do you want a taste of Firefox OS for smartphones? You can click around a bit in the control system via your computer. Developers use it to test apps.

Mozilla, which is behind the popular Firefox Web browser, has taken up the fight with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The so-called Firefox OS for smartphones is thus well on its way, and you can actually get a small taste by clicking around in the system via your computer.

Version 3.0 of a so-called simulator has been released. It is a piece of software to your computer, which simulates the experience of Firefox OS so developers can test how their applications running under development.

Firefox OS Simulator is installed as an add-on to the Firefox browser on your computer. This means that you must have installed the Firefox browser in order to run the Simulator.

It’s limited what you can do in this simulator, if you have not developed apps to test, but a tour after all, give a sense of how Firefox OS is going.