Google Would Be Planning to Do Cleaning of Abandoned Apps in The Play Store

Since yesterday, Google has been sending notifications to certain application developers telling them that, if they do not take appropriate measures, their applications could limit your visibility or even be deleted Google play. Google has decided to finally stand up to the large number of applications garbage lurking in the store?

The excuse this time is privacy, in particular, the policy of privacy of user data from Google, which provides that any application that makes use of confidential personal information should transmit it securely e include one privacy policy. Applications that do not comply with this requirement may be eliminated or hidden as soon as March 15.

These are my conditions, or you accept them or…

The movement has enough sense, and will serve to protect us as users of abuses as in the case of Meitu, where he collected a good amount of personal information unless it is really related to the functions of the application (that Yes, Meitu specified in its privacy policy). Developers are receiving an email like the following:

Google warning: If your application compiles data need a privacy policy. If not…

Of course, this will not prevent unscrupulous developers continue to make whatever they want until they are discovered, but at the moment this policy could have an interesting side effect: cleaning of abandoned applications developers have abandoned their development and not made the appropriate changes. Therefore, eventually hiding.

The Google store is already almost nine years of history and accumulated quite a few cases of applications zombies for archaic versions of Android that neither siqueira work or are relevant today. While it is true that this cleansing is not cleaning that Android users we are waiting for, at least it will serve to undermine those that collect confidential information.

Have developers who receive notice two options to keep your application visible on Google Play. Either include a privacy policy to explain how and what it makes use of the data of the users or they no longer collect such data.