Google Play Way to Chrome OS Store: All The Apps and Android Games in The Chromebooks

The last movements of Google with Android and Chrome OS are running that in the not too distant future it will only have a single operating system. The fusion of Android and Chrome OS looks will already be around the corner.

The next version of Android N Premiere windows redimimensionables to offer a desktop interface that users are more accustomed to use in this kind of devices, such as the convertible tablets on big screens.

Android games and applications are already adapting its interface to the new windows, but not only to run on Android devices, but also in Chrome OS. Now we know that Google Play they are its more than 1 million applications and games prepares to get to the Chromebooks.

Since a couple of years ago, the Chromebooks are compatible with some Android apps that you can download from the Chrome Web Store, Google came to agreements with some developers to be able to launch their Android apps in Chrome OS versions, but now thanks to Android N all applications of Google Play reach the Chromebooks.

The new version in development of Chrome OS 51 has in your settings to activate the Chromebook Android applications, although at the moment does not work, only shows a warning that Google Play would be installed in the device.

The integration of Google Play in Chrome OS seems to be a news bomb the next Google I/O 2016, which will take place in less than a month, from 18 to 20 may.