Google Play Opens Interface, Now More Minimalist and Visual

In recent months we have seen how the application Play Store It has not been steady. It has been applying gradually small changes in its interface, as in your browser, and now in the overall design of the shop.

Google Play you are activating a new interface in your application, a few changes in your design that give a touch of fresh air to the store of applications, games, music, movies, books and magazine of our devices Andrioid.

These are the changes

We are not facing complete renewal of Google Play, but if that you notice much change, since we will see changes in the sizes of the letters, in the form of display the contents. Now the interface is cleaner and much more visual.

What first catches the eye is that now Google Play stop abuse of the card design. Before sections showed his name and below a horizontal list of applications in design of cards, each section is now displayed as a large card with the list of contents, displaying the name of the section inside the card, as we can see in the screenshots.

Sections and special collections that use a fund now will be much more striking. To remove that card in applications design, there is now no white frame that cover much of the background image.

Another important improvement by eliminating this card design, is now to see a list of contents or perform a search we’ll see more items on display. It also helps that the icons are now slightly smaller.

We also find small changes in the design of the icons from the store and small changes in the texts. This new interface testing is gradually reaching around the world.