Google Play Opens a Tab for Updates in The Section ‘My Apps’

Google Play was updated a few days ago with a renewed interface that came to put the emphasis on minimalism and thus offer a better user experience, especially in the terms related to the visual.

Today we know that not only stays in a mere cosmetic change, but It includes a new tab that serves to know what are all the apps that we update. In this way, we can go to it to find new apps.

A total of 5 tabs

If we add this new tab in total we will have five If the user is in the case of any subscription you activated, since this always will be on the left side of this section that seems to already have a final finish.

Currently there are three tabs, but we have no active subscription, and include the all installed, all with the beta. In the new version that is unfolding, and activated from the server, you can find a tab where all apps are updated, a that shows all installed, one for ever all that we have installed on our devices and, the last one, which is dedicated to those that are in beta.

Another new feature of this update that arrives from the server-side, is that they can be sorting apps by alphabetical order, last updated time, last time used and by size.

Anyway, if you want to try to have this novelty, the user who has uploaded screenshots had with version 7.06.08. N-all [0] [PR] 149245622 Play Store in a Nexus 6 p with Android 7.1.2.

An interesting novelty that what really is to bring the apps that we must upgrade to a new tab, When was always present in “all the installed”.