Google Play Music: Ipad App Released

With play music, even Google has a cloud music service. But only about detours the offer settled so far on an ipad use. The vulnerability has now fixed the Internet giant and pushed up the ipad support of the app via update. Thus, almost all of the Android version of the service known features are now also available to Apple users. Only the subscription fee-based streaming service lets all inclusive not complete on the app because otherwise arguably Apple keeps on hand, which are not in the interest of Google is likely.
Download: Google Play Music download for ipad and iphone

Music: download and streaming provider in the test

Material design for iphone and ipad

Google bought the iphone and ipad version of the app the new surface material design , as it now has prevailed in the Android world. Thus differs significantly from the other ios apps the app that brings but also fresh wind in the Apple world. Last Google had updated his browser and brought the fresh design in chrome for ios.

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Google services also for ios devices

Who thinks only of Android on Google, is wrong. Despite the proximity of the Internet giant to the mobile operating system with the small robots, many of Google’s services also for ios devices are available. Advantage compared to Spotify top dog in terms of streaming music play music especially for lovers of music styles ausgefallenerer a: here can be located up to 20,000 titles from your own music library fill with the cloud, without the need for a paid subscription.

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