Google Play It Will Tell If Your Device Is Certified for Google Services

Your mobile has Google Play, YouTube and Gmail but… do you have papers in order to do so? You will soon know it firsthand, because some users will have noticed a new item in the information present in the settings of Google Play 7.4.12, the certification GMS.

This new setting will clearly tell you if your device is certified or not, which you as a user may not you import too, but it may be an interesting point to verify and point to the “pirate manufacturers” which add Google services without actually having permission to do so.

What GMS certification?

GMS stands for Google Mobile Services and it is the set of APIs and applications that enhance all of the Google services: Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts, Google photos and company. To include these Google services on a device, it is necessary to pass a certification, which is free but that means to follow the rules of Google (such as respecting notices of Nougat) and pass the compatibility test.

Some manufacturers make real atrocities with Android beyond the limits permitted by Google, so in no way could pass the test of compatibility and, therefore, include Google services… but they do it anyway. With this new information within Google Play, you can detect them, Once is implemented globally and improve, it seems that it is informing users of phones Google Pixel that their phones are not certified. Another way to accomplish the same thing is to check the list of certified partners, available here.

What does wrong that my mobile is not certified?

If you detect in Google Play that your mobile is not “GMS Certified”, the first thing do not panic, as apparently this option is giving some errors. Secondly, does not mean that it is the end of the world, but that they could, and only could, the following cases (according to Google):

  • They may be insecure devices.
  • They could not receive updates of the system or application.
  • Including Google applications may be modified.
  • Applications and functions may not work properly.
  • The data backup may not be safe.