Google Play Is Testing New Search Using Buttons Suggestions

Increasingly there are more and more applications in Google Play (the last reliable figure speaks about 2.4 million applications) so it is normal that every time is more difficult to find what you want. While a few years ago you could find “video downloader” today maybe need to specify a bit more if you do not want to be assaulted by an avalanche of little relevant search results.

Us not surprised therefore different attempts to Google to put some order in its app store, since separate game until the fight against false reviews or testing applications of redesign of the search results. We now face a new test in this case adds suggestions for searches to Google Play, easily pluggable.

More precise searches with a touch

Once again, it’s one of so many tests to which we are accustomed developers. The idea is as simple as that when you do a more or less generic search, allows you to refine it with suggestions of additives, Similarly to as doing searches on Google images.

Currently Google Play already shows you these suggestions but only while you are typing the search, that is, similarly to how the results of Google. After performing the search already there are no suggestions that are worth, they are only the results. Extend this new search interface, you can better refining results with one-touch, If you can’t find what you are looking.

Suggestions as buttons (left) or during the search (right)

As usual, this new interface is randomly appearing to some users and activated from the server-side, so that install you the latest APK does not guarantee that you can see.