Google Play Is Testing a New Design for The Search for Applications

We already know that Google depends on and which makes much of the algorithms for everything. From the obvious ranking of your browser until the new filtering for false reviews and now a new search interface Google Play sighted by some users that could be extended to all later if the experiment is deemed a success.

While right now when you do a search for an application on Google Play get a list ordered by relevance, the new interface is focused on show you the most relevant application for that search and more information about it to be installed directly. If you know what you are looking for, you probably save a few seconds.

A week ago we saw other changes in Google Play as the new tab of trends, reset button download or the new design for the information of the application, but the changes may not be just the beginning, if the changes that have received some users end up spreading.

Search highlighting the most relevant

The main change in the search is the card highlighted with the most relevant result. For example, when searching for “chrome” shows you a card for Chrome instead of a list with the most relevant results. This card includes more information than the previous results, including the media and their votes, discharges and the buttons to install or open directly.

Search current (left) and new (right)

And if you were looking for Chrome Beta for example instead of the normal version? In this case, the only thing you have to do in this new search interface is to continue by sliding down. Immediately below are the horizontal list of similar applications followed by the applications that you they may be of interest and, now, finally, of the rest of results.

These changes pose both lime and sand: sometimes will save you some time, while in others you will have to do more scrolling to find what you were looking for. And this is precisely that Google makes this type of experiments, normal is now comparing the results between this new mode and the other to see which is more satisfying for users.