Google Play Changes The Interface of Score and Comments

A new interface for the score and publication of reviews on Google Play It has entered testing. It is the other side of the coin, since just a few days ago that renewing the panel developer of the shop with two new tools that facilitate the reading and the processing of data that users provide and then did the same [Developer](Google Play renueva el diseño de su Centro de Políticas de Desarrolladores) Policy Center.

Some users have already started to see this new presentation when it comes to qualify the applications that have been using in their devices. It is not a big change, it is only uaesthetic change that rejoice especially enemies of windows jumping in pop ups.

In the new interface of qualification of Google Play, the box to enter text of opinion about the application that is reviewing It appears directly on the home page of the application, just below the stars score, and not in a popup so far.

Change is ahead the division of opinion in two parts, title and description, because the new version only shows the area of writing without any name, next to two buttons, the submit and cancel.

As you can see in this example taken with my Nexus 5, I do not I have had time to see the new presentation, since it is only available at the moment in some accounts. We know it and we can see it thanks to catches taken by the editor of Android Police, which shows the differences between a version and the other.

A very simple evolution but that should increase further the participation of users in the valuation system, any step which is always is well received. Although this presentation so subtle may be of more than one to jump. At the end, and after the opinion from Google Play is one of the most useful tools that have the developers to know if they are going in the right direction and errors between versions and devices.

The few seconds it takes to review can be beneficial for all.