Google Play Already Takes into Account a Number of Other Factors, Such as Hours of Game, to Position Video Games

One of the areas that has enough work to Google is the Google Play Store. It has improved a lot in time than It was a little chaos in the early years, but it still needs to file certain roughness and the best contents to appear for the user when searching for a topic or particular category.

It is now when is putting many efforts to improve the position of video games in the ranking of Google Play for easier to discover the best. At the game developers Conference, the company announced that it has recently modified algorithms Play Store to take into account a number of factors.

These modifications made in the algorithms mean that users will also focus on how they play and spend time with those video games, Apart from the number of downloads. This last factor was which was taken into account to position in the ranking to video games and who has been tapped badly by some editors, who do not have it be much thought to have those games of lesser quality in the top positions in the store.

This change will produce some changes in advertising campaigns Some companies dedicated to gaming, since far more focused on the user to install the title in question to add more downloads. This led to more in getting fraudulent downloads of various forms, will focus what encouraged that was launched not greater quality games.

The worst thing about this way of understanding what is a video game and how to be sold, is that leaving in anonymity to a number of games great quality who have not had enough economy to “make see”. It is expected that these changes in the algorithms of the Play Store will allow users to find before those games well special.

The curious thing about the Google ad is that He has not detailed that way will work the algorithm, but that you will show those video games that are hand chosen by editors, which usually allow that, if one has quality, in a matter of weeks it protrudes in the rankings of Google Play Store.

This modification in the algorithms comes at the same time that news for developers, allowing them to create offers and give payment applications, so it seems that the big G is putting the batteries to improve the Play Store Google user experience.