Google Photos: Update Apparently Leads To Memory Problems

Users of Google photos complain about memory problems: apparently the app due to a bug in some cases take several gigabytes of internal memory hogging, though the photo library on an SD card can be outsourced. It seems a workaround so far not to give as Caschys blog reported.

‘ App ‘Data’-size spinning out of control “, is the title of a thread on the official forum for Google photos. According to a screenshot of the creator shows the app 4.73 GB in the internal memory. According to his data, were but all shots on a microSD card. Also suggest an attempt to move the data, there by app fail: despite enough free space says the software apparently, that not enough memory available for the stand.

Still No Bug Fix In Sight

Reinstall I can also do not help. Hardly Google photos was reopened, the app info showed the same space as before. To delete local media, after a backup didn’t take also to success, because the software is supposedly no content. The same applies to the manual deletion: the app claims to have no access to the SD card.

More users are reporting the same problems: no matter how much space is on a Smartphone, Google has virtually unusable until the device free space – photos is. The memory problem seems not only to be, since at least a user specifies that his wife had no problems with Google photos, although the pictures in the internal memory are SD cards. For the moment, seems to be still safest, not to uninstall the app, until Google Announces a fix. Allegedly knew the company know. an official announcement did not exist but still.