Google Is Testing Various Changes in The Interface of Google Play

Although Google usually reserved changes to the design of its Android platform for the arrival of important updates such as Android 7.0 Nougat, the most recent, also working in the interface of their different services independently and are currently testing several changes in the design of your store Google Play.

He is not of a radical redesign, but there are several changes that are evidence of the mark table. Innovations affect to the entertainment section, the carousel of outstanding and the search bar. We see them in more detail.

The section “Entertainment” becomes “Movies, music and books”

We go with the first change, which has to do with the entertainment section. Apparently Google thought that title was not descriptive enough in new design It would be called “Movies, music and books”, It translates to “Movies, music and books”.

The truth is that with this change we have a more concrete idea of what we will find in this category, but has a downside, and is that the text is much longer and it may be something runnig in according to which devices. In the image above we see a capture in high resolution on the left and one in low resolution on the right. The text appears larger on the right, which causes that two lines instead of one generate.

However, the Spanish version translates “Apps & games” category by “Applications and games” and usually deal with both lines even in mobile high resolution, so it would not be as unequal.

New carousel highlights

The following change affects featured carousel that appears at the top of the interface. If you look at the picture above, the prominent occupies the entire width and extends below the search bar, while new design (above) already does not occupy the entire width so is best understood that there are more elements and we can slide to view all.

New search

Finally, the search bar is also being subject to changes. Today when we entered Google Play, the search bar presides over the screen, at the top, but Google could take center stage.

The upper image shows the new proposal which the bar disappears, giving way to an icon with the magnifying glass You’ll have to press to display the text field. In this way it is much more discreet and is equally practical, even if you usually use the search by voice it will touch you make an additional tap.