Google Begins to Deploy Imprint: Use Your Finger to Pay in Play Store

With the arrival of the new 5 X and Nexus Nexus 6 p, and of course Android Marshmallow, becomes Imprint. It is the native support of Google sensor tracks, that so far no worth for more than unlocking the device.

Google has already implemented the use of the fingerprint sensor to make payments on Google Play, a function that takes a month incubating in previous versions of the application. For the moment, that alone, available for the new Nexus leading fingerprint sensor and Android 6.

Of course, it’s the beginning of a new trend for use on Android. It is true that manufacturers are already about a year and a half including fingerprint sensors on their devices, but the implementation was everyone’s own. In some cases, like the Samsung, it has integration with some services (Paypal, LastPass), or the Honor 7 and Matt S Huawei serves to perform actions on the interface.

Now, with the official support of Google, comes a new API so that developers give support to this fingerprint. Is it possible that in some of the applications that we use on a daily basis we finish by forget the password for this new method much more comfortable and quick entry.

Far Google has released this feature discreetly: disabled by default and not it notifies users of their implementation, so that if you do you with one of the new Nexus you’ll have to go to activate it to the settings. And you’re not convinced, you can always use the traditional method.