Google Already Allows Selective Elimination of Data on Android to Boost BYOD

Google It is growing as more remarkable platform. The consumer sector is where there are growing and the Mountain View prepared security features to try to grab more attention of the business market / professional It is cornered by iOS and BlackBerry solutions.

Bring Your Own Device philosophy)BYOD) enables the worker use his personal smartphone for business functions, avoiding, therefore, having to carry two phones. Access accounts Professional Exchange as requirements are also to custom shops approved by the company applications.

One of the needs is to improve the Security and usability and is where the newly announced feature that includes comes to Android for users of Google Apps: selective deletion of data in remote (including SD), in the case that we talk about, the professional part without losing your personal part, all from the Google Apps Administrator console.

Thus a user may leave your company and they deleted it remotely data of your device, exchange, contacts, etc without affecting his personal part.