Get HTC Blinkfeed Similar Feature in Opera Browser

The latest browser from Opera is ready for download on Android devices in Google Play with a function similar to HTC Blinkfeed.

Opera Software ASA saves not on the positive words when trying to “sell” their own browser to users – the world’s best application for Android, they call it.

Opera browser beta is a completely restructured the browser that is built on the same engine as is located in Google Chrome and manufactured for Android devices. Opera has ditched the Presto in favor of it to Webkit. And the webkit-based rendering engine gives it a whole new kind of site compatibility.

With the new Opera Browser you can get custom news with a new feature, which is reminiscent of HTC Blinkfeed, which was introduced with the HTC One. The feature is called “discover the loss”. In the Danish version is called the “Discover”
In addition to “discover the loss” featuring the new Opera browser beta also features “Speed dial”, “tabbed browsing” and “off-road” mode.

In the video below you can see what Opera Browser Beta otherwise offers.

You can download Opera Browser Beta for free in Google Play Large.