Gene Effect Comes to Android, a Space Adventure in The Mines on a Planet Alien

German Developer Lightstorm3D has launched its game for Android Gene Effect, a title of science fiction set in space that was already released in the App Store of Apple last year and had a good reception by its users.

Gene Effect takes us back to a near future in which humanity can now explore freely in space thanks to the alien technology found in a mine of Mars. One day a mining ship is lost between the mines of the planet Kratoss and what starts as a rescue mission becomes a real adventure and a threat to the existence of humanity.

We will have to explore with our ship the dark tunnels of the ancient exotic Kratoss mines to collect resources, objects and fight against natural phenomena, biological threats, and mechanical devices. We can also solve the optional puzzles to open hidden areas containing relics, artifacts and other items to enhance our space ship.

Gene Effect has three levels of difficulty, 21 levels in which its content is generated randomly, each level has six trophies that are available to meet its objectives, and the game features 25 unlockable music tracks. Its price on Google Play is 2.49 EUR.

Gene Effect Version 1.2

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Lightstorm3D
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: €2,49
  • Category: Arcade & action